Rock Weathering

Rock Weathering
> Rocks alter, disintegrate, and transform on the surface (weathering, erosion)
??? exposure to physical and chemical processes and unstable nature of material (natural, artificial)
Mechanical Weathering
Chemical Weathering
 physical breakdown of material by water, air, biota
 chemical reactions between material and water
- water (freezing, crystal growth)
=> pressure
- dissolution => break-up of chemical bonds
- sun (heating, cooling)
=> temperature
- oxidation
=> reaction with O2 alters mineral chemistry
- biological activity (roots)
=> pressure
- hydrolysis
=> chemical exchange transforms minerals
Sediments/Natural Resources
 mineral debris, organic matter, water, air
 collection of residuals/chemical reaction products
- main supplier of plants nutrients (food)
- rock and mineral fragments (sandstone, shale, “dirt, mud”)
- vital for human life; strongly affected by surfaces use
- major resource formation (clay, sand, Al, Au, Sn)
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