4.2 Counselor FAQs 12-09

Counseling FAQs
(Frequently Asked Questions)
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PASSPORT Navigation
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Access the PROMT website
- From campus, type PROMT into your web
- From home, use https://staff.peralta.edu
Enter your username and password
- Username= first part of your Peralta email
(John Smith = jsmith)
- Password = the password you use for your
Peralta email
Under Enterprise Menu, choose the PeopleSoft
1. How do I log onto Passport?
Under the PeopleSoft menu, choose the Student
Administration 8.9 link.
The PASSPORT window will open to the main
menu home page. Start Navigation from this
2. How should I logoff of Passport?
Counseling Training FAQs
Make sure to click the Sign Out links on
both the PASSPORT page and the
PROMT menu page.
Click “sign out” in upper right hand corner of the
Edited: JBW 12/09
3. What is the process for external transcripts to
be evaluated up front/early when the student This is currently not available.
begins coursework at Peralta?
4. Can external transcripts be scanned and
attached to a student’s record?
This is currently under discussion with the
implementation of Academic AdvisingPeopleSoft Component. No
implementation date has been set.
5. How will degree applicable courses that
aren't equivalent to a specific PCCD course,
but are counted toward an
equivalent subject area, be recorded as
transfer credit?
This is currently not available in
PeopleSoft. There is no change in current
business practice of evaluating on a case
by case basis.
6. How are automatic drops in a future term due
to failed grade in a prerequisite course taken
in the current term communicated to the
student? Will a student be notified when
they are automatically un-enrolled from a
At the end of each semester,
approximately 2 weeks after grades are
posted; students that failed a prerequisite
course will be automatically dropped and
sent a hard copy letter as well as an email
to their personal and campus email
7. Milestone pages should display the UserID
of the person who added the milestone.
Does a report or query exist that provides
this audit information? If so, which report?
This is a system modification. Currently,
there is not a delivered audit of the
milestone page entry.
8. Are recommended courses listed in Passport
based on student assessment scores?
Counseling Training FAQs
No, refer to your copy of the cut-off
scores for assessment testing. This is also
available on the PCCD website.
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NAVIGATION to view Transfer Credit:
Records & Enrollment>Transfer Credit
Evaluation>Transfer Credit Summary
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1. On the PCCD homepage scroll down and link to
‘District Info’ at the bottom of page.
2. Select link to ‘Institutional Research’ (middle
3. Select link to Matriculation
 Either in Quick Launch box on the left
‘Research/Matriculaton’ or
 In the right column under Research
4. Scroll down in middle column to Assessment
and select ‘Assessment Test Cut-off Scores ’
Edited: JBW 12/09
9. Need detailed explanation of how to identify
which milestone to apply to a student’s
The most current/updated milestone list
should be accessible online. Counselors
will be notified when it is updated &
when all pre/co-requisites listed in PCCD
catalogs be added.
10. How do I print an unofficial PCCD
Use the transcript request function in
PASSPORT. See Passport navigation for
menu path.
*Make sure you have noted the student’s
entire ID number before starting the
11. Can students request an official transcript
No. They still have to request official
from the Student Center?
transcripts through A&R.
PDF version – shows this information.
12. Transcript report does not show labels for
HTML version – does not show this
the Attempted and Completed columns
information and it would be a major
modification to the system.
No, there is no change in current business
13. On the transcript, will information such as
practice. Currently the IGETC
UC/CSU transferable, area information or
information is being displayed on the
completion of CSUGE IGETC for each
transcripts upon completion of student’s
course be displayed?
certification request.
FERPA restrictions do not apply to the
Student transcript. If a student signs a
14. Do FERPA restrictions apply to transcripts? release to send an official transcript to a
third party, then they are giving their
i.e. address, DOB will not display on
transcript if FERPA restriction is designated written consent. Peralta staff that has
access to unofficial transcripts meets the
by student.
FERPA policy of having a “need to
know” the information in order to do their
official functions on campus.
Counseling Training FAQs
Click here for more information about milestones.
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Records and Enrollment> Transcripts> Transcript
Edited: JBW 12/09
15. Where will the detail from the /THD screen
Queries will be available in Fall 2008 to
provide this information. They are:
transcript data by subject, degree
applicable units by campus, and transcript
data by GPA type.
16. Will there be any easier way to view queries
as opposed to typing in lengthy report
names? For example, select the query name
from a list of existing queries?
You can enter the first few characters of
the query name and then click the Lookup
button. A list of queries matching the
criteria specified display and then you can
select from the results list.
17. Will the Major worksheets found on the W
drive be put in PASSPORT?
No, you will still have access to these
worksheets in the W drive for degree
evaluation. This is planned for phase II
with the degree audit feature in Academic
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Reporting Tools> Query> Query Viewer
Reporting Tools> Query> Query Viewer
Queries can also be added to the “Favorite Query”
section of the Query Viewer page for quicker
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18. /IAS screen – where do counselors see this
information in PASSPORT
Faculty Center will display an instructor’s
schedule. Counselors have access to this
19. Will historical course detail be listed in the
online course catalog?
The Passport course catalog contains all
course data for courses offered with
enrollment from fall 1988. Counselors
have view access to Course Catalog
20. Can the student’s access be restricted to
online viewing of the schedule of classes
The catalog search function will not be
active in production for anyone.
21. Will counselors have access to class
information previously available on the
/SCI legacy screen?
Reporting Tools> Query> Query Viewer>
Can view SCI, as they exist in Passport, as PCC_SA_SCI
Self Service> Faculty Center /
Curriculum Management> Course Catalog>
Course Catalog
22. Will counselors have access to class
information previously available on the /SFI Can view SFI, as they exist in Passport, as
legacy screen?
Reporting Tools> Query> Query Viewer>
23. Will counselors have access to class rosters
for which they are not the instructor?
Curriculum Management> Class Roster
Search by Instructor ID or Last Name, First Name
Counseling Training FAQs
Counselors currently have view access
Edited: JBW 12/09
Currently the system does not show this
information as a separate search and it
would be a major modification to the
system. You CAN see the online courses,
sorted by campus or by discipline, by
skipping to the last field in the Additional
Search Criteria (Mode of Instruction) and
selecting the second entry in the dropdown menu: Distance Ed/DI/Internet
24. Can we look at only online courses (sorted
by online) included in the PASSPORT
catalog/schedule of classes?
25. Is there an SEP in PASSPORT?
Not at this time.
26. Can counselors record exemptions or
refusals on the MIS Matriculation pages?
No, there is no change in current practice.
Counselors should complete the bottom
portion of the pink matriculation checklist
for any exemptions/waivers or
matriculation refusal form and forward the
checklist/form to the Assessment Center
or other designated personnel for data
27. Will a student be able to view his or her
Assessment Score from the student center?
Not at this time.
28. Can special pops MIS records be rolled
forward to the next term such that new data
rows do not have to be added each term for
continuing students?
Yes, this has been implemented for EOPS,
at their request and is done at the
beginning of each semester.
29. How does a student access their Peralta
email account?
Counseling Training FAQs
Student email accounts are now available.
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Please click here for the electronic online SEP
(Word Document).
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Please click here for more information.
Edited: JBW 12/09
30. Can a student forward their Peralta email to
another preferred personal account? If yes,
how is this done?
Yes, students currently have the ability to
forward their Peralta emails to another
preferred personal account
31. What is the process for an instructor to
request a student be allowed to enroll in a
class when the capacity limit is reached?
There is no change in business practice.
Students will need the instructor’s
signature on an ADD Slip and submit at
the A&R Office.
There is no change in business process.
Students cannot enroll through selfservice; they must enroll in person.
Students select the number of units when
enrolling in the class. They can change
the # of units in their Student Center
through the last day to add. After this
date students must go to A&R.
Instructors cannot change this number on
their grade roster.
32. How is enrollment for locked classes being
33. How does a student enroll in a variable unit
class, (must select a choice of units)?
Counseling Training FAQs
Note: Currently, this can only be done via either
an IE 7 or IE 8 browser:
1. Click on the Options link, in your account,
2. Click on Organize E-mail.
3. Under Inbox Rules, click on the New button.
4. Under the "When the message arrives, and:"
drop-down, select "[Apply to all messages]".
5. Under the "Do the following:" drop-down, you
can select either "Redirect the message to..." (if
you want the original sender's SMTP address to
stay on the From line) or "Forward the message
to..." (if you want the message that arrives in the
external account to say it came from your Outlook
Live account.
Note: In the "Address Book" screen that comes up,
in the "To" box(under "Message recipients", type
in the e-mail address that you want the messages
to get forwarded, or redirected, to, and then click
on the OK button.
6. Click on the Save button.
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Please click here for step by step instructions.
Edited: JBW 12/09
34. Will counselors have access to enrollment
information previously available on the
/ENR legacy screen?
Can view ENR, as they exist in Passport,
as queries. .
What is the process for students to repeat a
course, enroll in course they have taken
In order to repeat a course (to enroll more
than once for any reason) students will go
to Admissions & Records office to enroll.
A&R staff will evaluate and if permitted,
they will override the block and then
enroll the student in the course. (Passport
cannot evaluate if the repeat is allowable.)
Is the .5 minimum enrollment limit
enforced for drops prior to the Drop
There is no minimum; students can drop
to zero units.
Will students be able to go back and take a
lower level course (that they have not taken
before) after they have taken the next
higher-level course?
For example, a student receives assessment
placement recommendation of ESL21A.
The student then enrolls and completes
ESL21A. They now want to take
ESL201B; will the new system prevent
them from doing this in the future?
There is no change in business practiced.
The system will prevent enrollment in
ESL201B unless ESL201A is completed
or the milestone is cleared for ESL201B.
Reporting Tools> Query> Query Viewer>
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Can a field for the number of counselor
contacts be added to the CAL Works
Counselor contacts are input into SARS.
Counselors need to know the number of
students in EOPS programs. Is there a
report that lists the student names in the
special populations?
This report has been completed and
security assigned to approved users.
Peralta SA Custom>Student Administration
Reports>Print EOPS list. Access limited to
approved users only.
What is the process for a counselor to
request the state-required EOPS/CARE
reports that were generated from the
mainframe? These reports include how
This report has been completed and
security assigned to approved users.
Peralta SA Custom>Student Administration
Reports>Print EOPS list. Access limited to
approved users only.
Counseling Training FAQs
Edited: JBW 12/09
many students in the program by term.
Counselors can clear service indicators
41. What service indicators can counselors clear? associated with holds for new
matriculation students, progress probation
and/or academic probation.
No change in business practice, continued
clearance for A&R and/or counselors.
This procedure mirrors the /RAP screen
clearance (scheduling an enrollment
appt). A&R should clear new matric
service indicator hold (or schedule an appt
in /RAP screen) when the student brings
the completed pink matric checklist 42. What is a new matric hold? When/who
should clear the service indicator for new steps completed. While this can be
performed in A&R, counselor ability to
matric hold?
clear should also continue. For example,
when the student brings the pink matric
checklist & counselor contact is last step
to be completed or when counselor is
approving an exemption waiver for matric
step(s) and filling out the bottom portion
of the matric checklist that is to be sent to
the Assessment Center for data input.
43. Is there a history of service indicators
Yes, it is called a Service Indicator Audit.
available to counselors?
44. Where do counselors add notes and
45. Where does faculty see FSA data online?
Counseling Training FAQs
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Campus Community> Student Services Ctr
(student)> Enter student information to
search/access student record> General Info tab>
Edit Service Indicators
Campus Community>Service Indicators
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Comments/notes should be added to the
“notepad” or comment line in SARS.
There is not a place in the student system
to record this. FSA’s are in HR.
Edited: JBW 12/09