Memo to the Chancellor regarding IT funding

José Ortiz, Ed.D., Chancellor
Ron Gerhard, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
From: Planning and Budgeting Council
Date: October 25, 2013
Budget Allocation for IT needs
At its October 25, 2013 meeting, the Planning and Budgeting Council was provided a document that
reviewed the language added to the Budget Allocation Model in early 2012 for Multi-year IT
Expenditure Planning. The purpose of this document was to provide an assessment of the outcomes
regarding Multi-year IT Expenditure Planning. The major outcome stated is that you will allocate
$500,000 in one-time matching funds this academic year for the purpose of funding identified and
prioritized IT projects.
As you know, the District Technology Committee on May 3, 2013 reviewed and approved a
prioritized listing of technology requests received through a structured review process. The
Planning and Budgeting Council on May 10, 2013 reviewed and supported the recommendations
from the District Technology Committee.
The Planning and Budgeting Council thanks you for providing the $500,000 dollars into the budget
to fund district and college needs. The Planning and Budgeting Council hopes that this can happen