José Ortiz, Ed.D.
From: Planning and Budgeting Council
Date: May 14, 2014
Resolution Passed by the District Facilities Committee
The District Facilities Committee (DFC) forwarded to the Planning and Budgeting Council (PBC) a
Resolution passed by the DFC on May 2, 2014 (memo attached). That resolution is as follows:
“Recommendation to allocate an annual line item of 1.5% of the District-wide budget to the
Planning and Budget Integration Model to be utilized for infrastructure maintenance and repair
projects with a roll-over provision.”
Information regarding the reasons for the DFC Resolution was provided by the Vice Chancellor of
General Services, Dr. Ikharo, who is the Co-Chair of the District Facilities Committee. The
additional attachments provide the information that was reviewed with the Planning and Budgeting
After much discussion, the PBC passed a motion to approve the DFC resolution requesting a line
item in the budget for infrastructure maintenance and repair projects. It was also agreed that this
funding needs to be integrated into the budget assumptions of the budget allocation model.
The Planning and Budgeting Council is forwarding this for your review and action.