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Team Name – Executive Summary
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Team Name – Executive Summary
Executive Summary Guidelines
An executive summary of your business idea and concept should include the following topics. The
outline should give a complete idea of what business is proposed in a maximum of three pages. Bullets
can be used in order to be concise and to the point.
Business Summary - This is a summary of the idea. Describe the background of the company that is
planned to be formed or already formed, and give a general idea of what the business seeks to
accomplish. Include a discussion of the skills of the existing management team.
Technical Viability - This is an outline of the technology behind the idea. Describe the technology and
its feasibility. Be sure to discuss the uniqueness of the business idea relative to competitors along with
the following:
Describe the need for this product or service - what does this business idea brings to the table? - Discuss the problem that this product or service addresses.
What is the business' competitive advantage - (i.e. what is stopping other competitors from entering this
area; how is this business idea better than others in the market).
Discuss challenges to the delivery of this product or service.
Commercial Viability - This area describes the marketing approach.
Describe the potential customer base in terms of: Income, Where They Shop, How They Buy,
Geographical location, Age, Gender, etc. – who is the target market?
Describe the channels that will be utilized in terms of where the product will be sold and how (i.e. direct
salesforce, by catalog, online, business to business, etc). – how will you reach the target market?
Describe the pricing strategy (i.e. is this a premium product that is priced high or is it something that
might be purchased at Wal-Mart?)
Describe the types of promotional activities. Highlight the branding strategy and how customers will be
made aware of the product or service.
Describe the size of the market and any other factors that might need to be considered and/or are
integral for the idea.
Financial Viability – This section discusses the funds necessary to operate this company, where these
monies will be generated, and how the company can survive over time.
Describe the financial plan
Describe the price at which the product/service will be sold, the costs associated with the business,
margins, and profits.
Describe projected future costs and revenues
Describe what the model for revenue is and how the company will be sustained over time.
Identify sources of additional funding
Team Name – Executive Summary
*Important Notes
-Only team members listed on registration and cover sheet will be allowed to present and receive prize
money (no additional team members may be added after registration)
-Page 1 is for the cover sheet only, and pages 2-4 are for executive summary content
-When you submit your executive summary, it must have the same team name that you put on your
registration (no team name changes will be accepted)
-Send completed exec. summary to [email protected], (in PDF format only), with your team name in
subject line