Course Proposal from the Division of Math and Natural Sciences 1.

Course Proposal from the Division of Math and Natural Sciences
1. Title: Molecules Lab
2. Credits: 1
3. Instructor: Dr. James J. DeHaven
4. Course Number: CHE 142L
5. Prerequisites: Corequisite: Che142
6. Catalog Description: This lab accompanies CHE 142
7. Objectives:
A) To impart an experiential understanding of the materials presented in CHE
8. Rationale:
Besides the pedagogcal utility of hans-on experience with the scientific material
presented in CHE142, the lab will also provide our division with another lab core
9. Full Course Format:
One three hour lab per week
B)Teaching Materials:
Convenrtional Lab Supplies and Materials
C) Assessment:
80% Lab Reports
20% Subjective Evaluation
D) Content Outline
The lab course will complement the lecture course with experiments designed to
illustrate the specific chemicals (molecules) discussed in the lecture section:
1) Molecules
2) Molecular Shapes
3) Kinds of Molecules
4) Chemical Reactions
5) Heat
6) Rate and Equilibrium
7) Light
8) Acids and Bases
9) Electricity
10) Life
To the extent possible, we will present experiments which will enable students to safely
demonstrate chemistry to young children and/or adolescents. This is not a bad skill to
possess in general, but is particularly suitable to a portion of the target audience
(teachers) of the course.
10. Planned to be Offered: Spring 2001
11. Frequency: Each Semester
12. Enrollment: 15 max