Homework #1 (Due 1/28/15)

STA 4211 – Homework #1 – Due 1/28/15
1) Download the spot removal dataset. There are r = 34 methods of removing
spots/stains from art and historic documents, with n=10 replicates per treatment.
The response is a brightness score.
2) Based on the cell means model
Yij   i   ij
 ij ~ NID(0,  2 ))
Give least squares estimates of the treatment means, and an unbiased estimate of the
Obtain the Analysis of Variance .
4) Test H0:  against the alternative that the means differ at =0.05
significance level. (Write out all steps, although you can use the output from the
program for calculations).
5) Use Tukey’s, Bonferroni’s, and Scheffe’s methods to compare all pairs of
treatments (in each case, compute the minimum significant difference).