California State University,
by University
Enterprises, Inc.
Faculty Senate
by University Enterprises, Inc.
Auxiliary Organizations – Established to serve the
California State University and its campuses
• The first – Fresno State College Association –
established in 1922
• State Legislature created the framework in the
Education Code to complement the system’s core
academic mission
• Auxiliary Organizations are chartered as nonprofit
public benefit corporations, subject to Attorney
General oversight – current count is 91
Auxiliary Organizations are overseen by the
Board,The Chancellor, and Campus Presidents
• Auxiliary Organizations are required by statute to be
self supporting
• All Auxiliaries must be examined by external auditors
as well as the Trustee’s Internal Auditor
• Campus Presidents are directly responsible by State
statute for ensuring expenditures are in accordance
with Trustee policies
• Auxiliary Boards have voting members from the:
Administration or Staff, Faculty, Community,
Students, President’s representative, as either a
voting or non-voting member
Types of Auxiliary Organizations in the CSU
• Associated Student Body Organizations
Revenues from student-voted fees
• Sponsored Programs & Special Educational Projects
Funded from Contracts & Grants activities
• Student Unions
Revenues from student union fees and operations
• Commercial Services
Revenues from bookstore, food services, agricultural,
and other commercial activities
• Specialized Support
Revenues from fund raising and endowment
management, housing operations, and/or radio/TV
California State University,
University Enterprises, Inc.
Our Mission
University Enterprises, Inc. is a dynamic and
innovative non-profit corporation. It creates
and manages an array of programs and services,
which support and strengthen the University’s
mission of teaching, scholarship
and public service. University Enterprises
serves the campus by shaping its growth and
activities to meet the evolving needs of the
University and the community.
University Enterprises, Inc.
Service Highlights
• UEI is a non-profit campus auxiliary
• UEI works for the Sacramento State campus only
• All UEI projects are for the benefit of Sacramento State
• UEI receives direction from its Board, made up of faculty
members, administrators, students, and community
• UEI is the largest employer of Sacramento State
• UEI is proud to be an active and vital working partner of
Sacramento State.
Commercial Activities
• Hornet Bookstore
• The Store in the University Union (retail)
• Sac State Dining Services (25 retail eateries)
• Sac State Board Plans (Dining Commons)
• University Catering
• University Center Restaurant
• Sac State Copy Graphics Center (retail)
Sponsored Programs
• Research Grants and Contracts (post award)
• Project Activity Grants
• Student Employment Services
• University Support Programs (water programs,
University Media Services)
Specialized Support for Sacramento State
• Endowment recordkeeping for Foundation of California
State University, Sacramento
• Trademark and Licensing management for Sacramento
• Project and Resource Development for Sacramento
• Compile and Publish Campus Phone Directory
Placer Hall
Hornet Bookstore
Del Norte Hall
Baseball and Softball Stadium with Batting Cages
Benicia Hall
Napa Hall
Modoc Hall
Broad Athletic Facility – Field House
Alumni Center
Serna Plaza
Julia Morgan House
University Office Park
Ramona Village Faculty and Staff Housing
Sac State Tram
Sac State Sign
Supports Professional Development Grants
Upper Eastside Lofts
University Enterprises, Inc.
Enterprise Fund
Statement of Operating Revenues and Expenses
Historical Actual
Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year
Total Operating Revenues
Total Operating and Interest Expenses
Net Operating Revenues over Expenses
$ (1,697,323)
$ (165,498)
$ 1,388,757
University Enterprises, Inc. and Academic Affairs =
Research Administration and Contract
Administration (RACA)
• RACA is a partnership between Academic Affairs and
UEI, in which Academic Affairs staff provide proposal
development support and UEI staff accept and
administer the grant awards and contracts for the
University and faculty
Research Administration and Contract
Administration (RACA): A Partnership
• Collaboration for Growth and Support
• A Celebration of Faculty Success
• Integrating Scholarship and University Priorities
• Professional Administration and Service
• Increasing Contribution to Campus
The Mission of RACA:
• Assist faculty with proposal development and
• Support Research and Creative Activity on campus
• Administer awarded grants and contracts
• Expand the research and program capacity of the
• Integrate student employment and experiential learning
UEI: University Foundation at Sacramento State account
management functions UEI: Student Employment
Examples of Partnerships that Lead to Research
• Sacramento State/UC Davis Cancer Center Partnership
to Reduce Health Disparities: Faculty projects
integrating allied health sciences, natural sciences,
cancer biology, and graduate students to address
regional health disparities
• US Geological Survey Collaborative Research
Partnership: A collaboration bridging science, education,
and entrepreneurship to build new platforms for
research development and earth science for the region
and state
Major Research Centers:
• Archaeological Research Center
• Office of Water Programs
• Institute for Social Research
Examples of Funded Projects Campuswide
• Services to Students with Disabilities - U.S. Department
of Education TRIO Funds
• The MESA Engineering and Computer Science Program
(MEP) – NSF Funding
• McNair Scholars Program, funded by the U. S.
Department of Education
• Kathy Gee, Project ETCHES (Educating Teachers
Collaboratively: Honoring Every Student)
• Michael Epperson – project with NASA, Lawrence
Berkeley National Laboratory, Georgia Institute of
Technology and the University of Maryland to investigate
the relationship between the causal and logical orders in
quantum mechanics
Examples of Funded Projects Campuswide
• Services to Students with Disabilities - U.S. Department
• Charles Postel -Teaching American History (TAH) grant
• David Rolloff, Beth Kivel, Beth Erickson and Katherine
Pinch – State Parks Project
• Linda Roberts, NIH Funding for research in the structural
analysis of both human and zebrafish apo A-I proteins
• Student Affairs- Alcohol Education Program with State
Incentive Grant funding
University Enterprises, Inc.
Project Activity Grants
4 - Year Trend
Amounts Awarded
2007 - 2008
2006 - 2007
2005 - 2006
2004 - 2005
4 - Year Total
UEI funded an additional $15,000 for USA activities in 2007 - 2008
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