Kay Forest

Kay Forest
Dr Kay Forest is the Chair of the Department of Sociology
for the past several years. She earned her Ph.D. from
Cornell University. Her scholarly interests focus on diverse
social issues and she is a social justice activist. Her current
research and teaching areas include family diversity, racial
and ethnic relations, social inequality, and global justice.
Research activities conducted by her in the recent past
focused on welfare reform, poor people’s organizing, and
critical race studies. During her 1999 sabbatical leave, she
began studying the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights
Campaign. She is also exploring issues of white racial identity, entitlement, and
operationalized privilege and their roles in sustaining race relations in the U.S. She also
owns and maintains the following website called Action for a Sustainable Global Peace.
In addition to sharing her wealth of experience with diverse NIU committees in the
capacity of the Chair, Department of Sociology, she also teaches the following courses:
Introduction to Sociology
Social Problems
Families and Social Change
The Sociology of Gender
Families in Global Perspective
Racial & Ethnic Minority Families
Contact details
Office-phone: (815)-753-6420
[email protected]