Outline - Seedfolks

Outline for teaching Seedfolks
Thematic Focus Questions (choose one or more)
CCS Reading Literature 1, 2, 6, 10
How can one person make a difference in society?
What makes up a community/family?
How do differences divide society?
What happens when people judge others too soon (stereotypes)?
How are differences within a society valuable/necessary?
Writing Prompts (free-writes, starters, writer’s café, essay topics, etc.)
CCS Writing 9, 10
1. Where is your family from? What are their work experiences?
2. Is it important to learn how to garden? Why or why not?
3. When have you helped someone that you didn’t know? Why did you
do it? Are random acts of kindness necessary for a community?
4. Why does growing food bring people together?
5. How can people work around communicating with people who speak
a different language?
6. In Seedfolks, some people have made stereotypes about other groups
of people. When have you seen people use stereotypes? What was the
situation? What effect did it have on you?
7. How is your neighborhood
Book Report (see example: based on Summer Reading Requirements)
Performance Assessment Possibilities
1. Re-write the ending of the book or chapter from a different
 CCS Writing 3, 10CCS Writing 3, 9, 10 and Reading 6
2. Use a writing prompt to develop a narrative piece of writing
 CCS Writing 3, 9, 10
3. Create a Facebook page for a character (see handout)
 CCS Writing 3 and Reading 6
4. Body outline of a character (see handout)
 CCS Writing 9 and Reading 6