How Those Difficult Questions Will be Answered

How the Maturation and Blood-Borne Pathogens Presenters
Have Been Trained to Answer “Those Difficult Questions”
Well, how do those sperm get in there?
1. During sexual intercourse, millions of sperm cells pass from the penis of the male into the
vagina of the female.
2. The penis from the male is inserted into the vagina of the female, where millions of sperm cells
will be deposited.
What is homosexuality? Gay? Lesbian?
1. A very strong physical and sexual attraction to some one of the same sex or gender - A boy
to a boy or a girl to a girl....male to male or female to female.
2. Different from having friends or buddies.
3. Do not give an opinion pro or con. Do not use words like normal or abnormal.
4. Simply state what it is. Keep it simple and short and move on. Don’t get into any discussion.
How can two boys (two girls) have sex? Or how does anyone have sex?
1. People make love or have sex in many, many different ways.
2. “How people have sex” is not the focus of this class, but that would be an excellent question
to ask your parents, guardians, or whoever takes care of you.
What is “sex” or” making love”?
1. A deep, physical expression of love between a mother and a father. It is a way babies are made.
2. Sex is one way grown-up mothers and fathers show how much they love each other.
3. Sex is a way grown-ups who love each other very much can be as close as possible, to cuddle
and kiss in a special way. 4. Sometimes a man and woman can start a baby when they have sex.
“What does unprotected sex mean?”
1. Unprotected sex means having sex without a condom, but the best way to protect yourself is
abstinence, which means not participating in sex at all.
2. You are too young, and you can’t tell when someone has HIV or Hepatitis B or C. You will
learn more about this in Middle School.
3. The best person to talk with about this topic is your parent, guardian, or whoever takes care of
“What is a condom?”
1. It is a method that lowers the chances of pregnancy and a way to prevent getting
sexually transmitted diseases.
Don’t bring it up on your own.
Keep the answer short.
Don’t elaborate.
Move on quickly.