2015 1118minutes

Office of Digital Learning
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
75 Pleasant Street
Malden, MA 02148-5023
[email protected]
Digital Learning Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, November 18, 2015
10:00 AM – Noon
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Room 137A
75 Pleasant Street
Malden, MA 02148-5023
Amy Gracia, Amy Michalowski, Annamaria Schrimpf, Barbara Treacy, Julia Freeland, Evelyn
Thoren, Jessica Artiles, Michael Horn, Peter Sanchioni, Sarah Kyriazis, Ken Klau, AJ Kupps,
Jennifer Gwatkin, Bobby O’Brien, Adam Goldberg, Mona Anchan, Ruth Herch, J. Considine,
Chip Canty, Serlin Haley, Maheen Sahoo, Jim Flanagan
1) Review and approval of September 16, 2015 minutes
a) Motion was made, seconded and passed to approve the minutes.
2) Updates from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
a) New Online Assessment approach approved by Board. ODL has been working with
MassIT to procure a set of tools to determine baseline for infrastructure readiness
across the Commonwealth. Will be contracting with Metiri Group to use their
TRAx tool to assess digital readiness, which will be piloted with the 14 districts
involved with the infrastructure grant. Will also be partnering with other units
within DESE and outside to ensure educators have the guidance for online
assessment and digital learning.
b) AJ reached out to MassCUE and METAA to talk about specifications for LTI
(Learning Technology Initiative) purchases. LTI is a bundled solution from vendors
(including devices, PD and services) for a fixed seat price with a lease option.
c) ODL is meeting with DESE leadership to discuss funding remaining additional
Round 1 districts with remaining infrastructure funds, including 20 more districts
who were semi-finalists.
3) Executive Order 562 to reduce unnecessary regulations
a) Between now and our next meeting, DLAC is asked to review the regulations for
CMVS and reporting regulations, to consider whether there are opportunities to
lesson the burden of complying with the regulations. Feedback can be submitted
individually. Link to the CMVS 2014 Regulations is on the ODL website.
4) CMVS Updates
a) TECCA proposed update to per pupil tuition
i) Adam Goldberg, TECCA principal, is seeking the advice and suggestions for
Office of Digital Learning
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
75 Pleasant Street
Malden, MA 02148-5023
[email protected]
next steps in process of updating TECCA per pupil tuition. Adam presented an
overview to the students the school is serving and financial information about
TECCA per pupil expenditures. This will be continued as an Agenda item at
upcoming DLAC meetings.
b) Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield: Site Visit and Course Review
i) The recent full day review visit at the Massachusetts Virtual Academy at
Greenfield will generate a renewal inspection report. There is a December
meeting with the Commissioner about the renewal report and assessment
results. The school will have an opportunity to respond to the report by early
January, along with submission of its annual report. A big part of the review is
a focus on the school’s progress towards its own determined goals. The
certificate renewal will on the Agenda for the February state board meeting.
5) Committee Reports
a) Digital/Blended Learning - Tech Plan
i) The subcommittee met to discuss the development of a district Tech planning
tool and the possibility of organizing a day-long Design Workshop, which could
include a range of DLAC members and other stakeholders, to develop
prototypes for redesigning the tech planning tool.
b) District Technology Budgets
i) The subcommittee discussed the need to update the district Chart of Accounts
to more accurately track technology budgets. This work could be connected to
the updated tech planning process.
c) UDL/Accessibility
i) The subcommittee identified three goals:
(1) Identify a set of recommendations for UDL /Accessibility best practices re:
digital content
(2) Review the recommendations in light of virtual school policy
(3) Review 2012 UDL/Accessibility recommendations report and propose
6) Next meeting: Wednesday Jan 6, 10 - 12 @ DESE
7) Adjourn - Motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved.