Liberal Studies Curriculum Committee
4/9/09, 3:30-5:00, Wygal Hall, Haga Room
EDUC310 – Nancy announced that this new course will be offered starting next fall.
The committee took a look at the proposed Guidelines for Advisors, and made some
suggestions. We’ll keep working on this.
We opened the discussion/review of the Social Studies component of the Liberal Studies
major. Items on the table for discussion included the following:
LS curriculum is heavy in Social Studies
DOE requires Economics for all programs, but our program required it only for
MS concentrators
POSC150 is listed as a licensure requirement in our catalog, but it is not.
Choices in American History: What about a combined course?
This was merely a preliminary discussion. No one has discussed these issues with the
History, Political Science and Philosophy Department, yet. Information will be gathered
and this item will continue at the next meeting.
The committee continued the discussion of the Science requirements for LS. Mark Fink
presented a list of suitable electives for the LS middle school science concentrator and
discussed the issues related to this list. The committee reached consensus on the
attached proposal for revisions to the natural science component of the Liberal Studies
program, pending further consideration of Mark Fink’s recommendations for the elective
for middle school concentrators. This item will be brought to the floor for final vote in the
fall along with any other necessary curricular changes.
Meeting Schedule:
We discussed the possibility of meeting one more time this year, probably during exam
week. We will try to make this a lunch meeting, with a free lunch.
Remaining issues for future meetings Additions to the previous list:
Idea of including Praxis I as part of LSEM
ECON115 – requirement for teacher prep?