o Plan and implement a lesson that:

The University of Akron
Field Experience Information
Course Name: Teaching Adolescent/Middle Level Literature
Learning Outcomes:
o Plan and implement a lesson that:
o Integrates all of the Language Arts (reading, writing,
talking, listening and visuals)
o Connects to English/Language Arts Content Standards
o Reflects knowledge of middle level learners
o Reflect in depth on field work considering content (ELA), the
learner, and themselves.
Student Assignments/Requirements:
o Implement an introductory, whole class activity through
collaboration with small group of preservice colleagues
o Plan and implement Praxis, standards-based lesson that are
small group and whole class through a project
o Maintain individual, reflective learning logs
o Engage in on-line discussions about field work
Assessment of Student Learning:
o Rubric for Praxis, standards-based lesson
o Learning log
o On-line discussion
Field Placement Office: 330-972-8144
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