September 9, 2015 Dear Delta Omega Chapter

September 9, 2015
Dear Delta Omega Chapter
Congratulations! Your submission for the Showcase of Regional Excellence has been approved.
You and the rest of the Delta Omega Chapter should be very proud of the work that the chapter
has accomplished in relation to President Hester C. Klopper’s call-to-action specifically related
to the area of Gratitude.
A summary of the chapter’s success will be posted on the STTI web site so that others may be
inspired by your activities. You will also receive an electronic certificate from headquarters
within the next 3-4 weeks that you may wish to print and display within your institution of
higher learning. I hope you will take this opportunity to share with the rest of your members the
recognition that the Delta Omega Chapter has received.
I was very impressed with the service activity that you provide for the community of Akron.
You have certainly embraced this group and have provided nourishment in many ways for them.
Congratulations again!
Kind regards,
Mary M. Graiver
North America Region 10 Coordinator