FoE Request for Institutional Support

Faculty of Education
Request for Institutional Support Commitment for Grant Applications
The Faculty of Education will consider requests to commit “institutional support” funds as part of budgets included in Category 1 grant applications,
or other prestigious, competitive external grant funding schemes. Please complete this form at least one month ahead of the Research Office
deadline for grant submissions. Applicants must also submit their mature draft applications through the Faculty/RIPPLE’s grant review scheme, as
well as the Research Office/DVC-RDI review scheme, to be considered for institutional support.
Funds may be requested for research assistant support, fieldwork, teaching relief, or other costs in support of the project’s goals. Typically, the Faculty
may provide up to $5000 over the life of the funded project; however this amount may vary depending on the scale of the project, the Category of
grant, agency requirements, etc. Support funds will only be provided for grant applications where agency awarded funds will come (in whole or in
part) to the Faculty of Education at CSU. Where ARC grant submissions qualify for CSU-level PhD stipend support through the Research Office, the
Faculty will also consider requests to fund PhD student operating/resource funds (typically $2200 per year).
Applicants are also encouraged to identify in-kind supports from their Schools and/or RIPPLE that can be listed on the grant application as additional
institutional contributions (e.g., available equipment that can be used in the project). Please contact your School and/or RIPPLE to discuss relevant
application processes and deadlines as soon as possible.
Faculty of Education academic staff are invited to complete the following application to request institutional support commitments under this scheme.
Informal consultations with the Associate Dean Research are encouraged, both to provide advance notice of a pending submission and so that the
Faculty Research Office may provide advice as to possible supports, funding amounts, etc., in preparation of the application.
Please contact Prof Lisa Given, Associate Dean Research ( if you have any questions or to discuss a proposed application.
Applicant’s Name:
Request for Commitment of Institutional Support1
Planned Outcome
& Funding
Scheme, including
Title & Brief
e.g.2 ARC Discovery
grant submission – due
March 2016
e.g. Working Title
and Abstract for
Grant Project
Affiliations &
e.g. Principal
Investigator; Coinvestigator; External
Partner; etc.
Projected Outcomes for the
Faculty of Education (and
others, if applicable)
e.g. publications arising from the
grant project; partnership
development leading to future grant
applications; etc.
Purpose & Amount of
Institutional Support
Support that will be
Provided by Other
Institutional Partners
(if applicable)
e.g. institutional funding to
provide research equipment,
fund a research assistant, fund
conference travel, etc., as part
of the grant application
e.g. amount of funding &
budget items to be provided
by another CSU Faculty,
another University, an
industry partner, etc.
Total Cash Support Provided by Others (e.g., School, RIPPLE, Other Universities)
Total Cash Support Requested from Faculty of Education
Please attach a draft grant application to this request for institutional commitment of support.
Please remove examples before submission.