DCS-I - For ECE ,IT students

Northern India Engineering College
Electronics & Communication Engineering Department
ETEC-256 (Ms. Smriti Srivastava)
Assignment No. 2
Show your work.
Solve ALL problems.
Only certain problems will be graded.
This Assignment is due in class one week from its date.
Problem 1. What is meant by Combination Circuits?
Problem 2. Draw the Block Diagram of Combination circuit?
Problem 3. What are Universal Gates
Problem 4. Using K-map, determine the minimal Product-of-Sums expression for the
following minterms:
(i) m1 + m3 + m5 + m7 + m12 + m13 + m8 + m9
(ii) m0 + m5 + m7 + m8 + m11 + m13 + m15
Problem 5. (Logic design) Consider a five-input Boolean function that is asserted
whenever exactly two of its inputs are asserted:
(i) construct the Truth Table for the function
(ii) What is the function in sum-of-products
(iii) what is the function in product-of-sums
(iv) using K-map, simplify the function in sum-of-products form
Problem 6 (Logic design): Consider a four-input function that outputs a 1 whenever an
odd number of its inputs are 1.
(i) construct the Truth Table
(ii) generate the K-map for the expression
(iii) Find minimal sum-of-product. Can you simplify it using K-map?
(iv) Can you provide a more economic solution given that XOR gates are
available is in your inventory?
Warning: it is tedious to solve using Boolean algebra. Don’t try it …
Problem 7. Explain the Design procedure for Combination Logic Circuits.
Problem 8. Explain the Logic implementation of half–adder and half-subtractor.
Problem 9. Explain the 4 – Bit Magnitude Comparator.
Problem 10. Explain the Binary to BCD Convertor .