nd Self-Assessment Essay Comp. 1

Rachel Sand Essay for my Personal Narrative
Self-Assessment Essay
Comp. 1
Essay for my Personal Narrative
I feel that my paper was very descriptive and it kept the reader interested
throughout the entire works. In my paper, I was very detailed. For example, I could
remember exactly what he was wearing in the casket and I could remember what he was
holding. I also kept a great order of events throughout the entire paper and that is very
important when one wants to hold the attention of the reader. The significant point of my
story was that I learned a very important lesson in life. That lesson is that I no longer take
life for granted but I cherish every moment that I have with my family and my friends.
There are some problems with my paper and that is that I don’t use very much
dialogue and that is very important with a paper. That helps to prove a certain point or
helps to let the reader imagine more of what the writer is trying to say at that moment.
I also feel that this paper would be better if I would have more writing experience with
this type of writing.
Some other problems with my paper are that not all of my grammar is correct. I
think that my grammar is correct but I know that it isn’t but I don’t have enough
experience with this type of writing to be able to tell what is correct and what isn’t.
Overall I feel that my paper is very good and I feel that it is very descriptive and it
is very interesting to read.