Final Project Description

SCCC TESOL Certificate Course
Final Projects
November 20, 2010
The final projects are intended to be the culmination of this 10 week introductory course
into teaching ESL/EFL. The projects will be evaluated with a Pass or Fail grade. They will not
be the sole determiner of the course grade but should clearly reflect much of what you have
obtained by taking this course.
FINAL PROJECT: The final project consists of a fully planned lesson that reflects the principles
and materials covered during the course.
Develop an
Submit a rough Provide an overview
Submit a
Give a self
original lesson for draft of final
of project and an
the final project.
project lesson
explanation of the 10- written lesson
oral and/or
plan by 10/30. 15 minute segment
The project presentations should include the following:
Part A. Set up:
Provide a brief context for the lesson—proficiency level of the students, age, introductory
lesson or review lesson, relevancy to the students (the point of the lesson.)
Part B. Lesson Presentation:
Bring materials that you would actually use, walk us through the steps of the lesson, and
show or describe the activities you would ask the students to participate in. Finally, with the
class acting as your ESL students, teach us a 10-15 minute segment of the final lesson.
Part C. Wrap up:
Offer a possible follow up to this lesson.
Part D. Oral and/or Written Self Evaluation:
Briefly touch on the following:
 What challenges did you encounter in planning this lesson, if any?
 How did you overcome/solve them?
 What did you gain or learn about teaching as a result of this final project?
 What have you gained or realized about teaching and learning as a result of having taken
this course?
Part E. A Lesson Plan:
The lesson plan for the final project must be student generated (aka—not off the internet or
borrowed from another source). Submit a complete lesson plan that covers each component
of the lesson (you will not have time to demonstrate the entire lesson in your presentation).
E-mail this lesson plan to Carolina by October 30 for feedback. After your presentation, send
any handouts and/or materials to Jacquie so that she can “burn” a class set of all of them for youall to keep!