Teaching Tools and Tips: Post-it Plus App

Teaching Tools and Tips: Post-it Plus App
By Heather Anderson; SEGS Instructor
Who doesn’t love using Post-it Notes? The Post-it Plus App is a FREE digital tool for sharing
easy-to-organize files across multiple platforms.
Classroom uses for Post-it Plus:
Documenting collaborative work sessions
Boards can be combined allowing groups to work together on ideas
Note taking for assigned chapter readings
Sharing of ideas and peer review
How it works:
Snap a photo of work created using actual post-it notes, the app notices the individual post-its
and will digitize them (up to 50) and make them into notes on your device. From there, multiple
notes can be arranged and organized on boards, or in groups—and then shared.
For further information: www.post-it.com/app
The Post-it Plus App is an excellent tool to help us get organized for something that most of us
use at work everyday!