Lions generally sleep during the day and hunt at night. We often find them lounging on rock
formations enjoying the sun. They live in groups called prides, so when we come across one lion
there are likely to be others nearby. Usually, there is one male with multiple females. Viewing a
pride with cubs is a particularly exciting event.
Zebra travel in large herds, and often mingle with
other wildlife, such as wildebeest. The stripes
help protect the animals by providing
camouflage; when they stand close to one
another, it is difficult for predators to see where
one zebra begins and another ends.
We will see many zebra while we are on Safari.
Herds made up of tens of thousands of zebra
have been known to migrate across the Serengeti
The most distinguishing feature of zebra is, of
course, the black and white stripes. One of the
most thrilling moments of a Voyager Travel
Adventures African Safari is when you encounter
a pride of lions. Lions are called the King of Beasts
for a reason. They are majestic, huge, and
dangerous. They are found in savannas,
grasslands, dense bush, and woodlands.
Zebra! A zebra may look like a stocky pony, but it
is a wild animal and will fight fiercely when it must.