Gretl Lai

Gretl Lai
F.3C (20)
F.3 E.P.A Writing Assignment
Topic: Comments on the Chief Executive’s Policy Address
One of the new proposals given in the Chief Executive’s Policy Address is the
Internet Learning which belongs to the education aspect. Another new proposal is the
Healthcare Reform which belongs to social welfare aspect.
The Internet Learning is to provide convenient and suitable Internet learning
chances for students in need.
The Internet Learning is a good method that students may spend less money on
textbooks and exercise books. It may also let students develop a greater interest in
learning. However, most low-income families do not have computers and Internet
services at home, they may encounter financial difficulties in purchasing computers
and Internet services. Before carrying out the Internet Learning activity, I suggest the
Chief Executive spend a sum of money to subsidize the students from low-income
families to purchase computers (recycled computers) and to have access to the
Internet services.
In the Healthcare Reform, the Hong Kong Government increase healthcare
spending from 15% of the Government’s recurrent expenditure to 17% by 2012.
Because of the ageing problem in Hong Kong becomes more serious, demand for
medical services increases. Increasing the healthcare expenditure is probably good for
citizens that they may enjoy subsidized medical services. Yet, healthcare expenditure
occupying a greater portion of the Government’s recurrent expenditure means the
expenditure on other aspects such as education, other social welfare services may
become lower. People may enjoy less welfare on other aspects since the expenditure
on medical services is higher. This creates an imbalance in the Government’s
recurrent expenditure. The Government can derive more income from the
development of local creative industries and encourage citizens to purchase medical
insurance. Thus, the expenditure on other aspects will not be affected due to the
increase of healthcare expenditure.