Alice Yuen (38) F3C
24 th October, 2009
F3. EPA Writing Assignment
Topic: Comments on the Chief Executive’s Policy Address
The two policy proposals being commented:
1 The internationalization of education
2 The conservation of Central
1 The internationalization of education
The Hong Kong government has already introduced a number of measures which
encourages foreign students to study in the degree-level or above in Hong Kong the
recent years. Hence, the Government is going to further study and adjust these policies. It
includes encouraging local universities to organize more exchange programs and
promotions. That will further increase the amount of non-local students in Hong Kong, so
as to reach the aim of internationalizing the degree level education and students’
perspective. (79words)
Nowadays, only 17%-18% youngsters can study in university. If the number of foreign
students keeps on increasing, it will worsen the current situation of study opportunity of
local students. More and more local students lose their chance of studying in university.
Thus, what Government should do is increasing the quantity of education for the local
student. Internationalizing should be done after a rational amount of local students are
able to study in university. (73 words)
2 The conservation of Central
Central will be conserved due to its historical and cultural value. Numbers of historical
landmarks in Central are going to be renewed and changed to different new purpose. For
instance, the Central Market will be changed into a recreational and commercial area,
named “urban oasis”. The aim of this policy is to take a balance between economic
development and the environment of Central. (62words)
This policy seems to be satisfactory. As what the government has said, the Central Market
will probably become a mall which even local citizens can afford its price. I think the
principles of conservation are, the appearance of architectures should be kept and its
targets should be local residents, not only the rich or tourists. If the Government really
follows her policy in renewing Central, improvements can be shown by comparing with
the project Lee Tung Street and Woo Chong Pawn Shop. (82 words)
(Total: 296 words)