Nicole Lim

Nicole Lim
F.3B (25)
Comments on the Chief Executive’s Policy Address
In the Chief Executive’s Policy Address, I will choose the Internet Learning of the
Progressive Society and the Promoting the Use of Electric Vehicles about the Quality
Internet Learning:
In the Policy Address, the Financial Secretary said he will co-ordinate the bureaux to
provide convenient and suitable Internet learning opportunities for students in need.
But I think this project need a huge sum of money to help the students and make
government and taxpayers to have the heavy burden. Although the computers are so
convenient for students, the computers will always break down in the time which we
don’t know. Besides, some of students may use the computers which provided by the
government for playing computer games. And also, some of the people use the
position of student to request government to have the power of using the internet which
is free. That’s may waste the money of government. I suggest the government to let
the selection of the power of using free computer to school. Schools may choose the
students of their test result to resolve the students who can use this kind of power.
Promoting the Use of Electric Vehicles:
Apart from the Internet Learning, I want to talk about the Promoting the Use of
Electric Vehicles. Government has been working with a number of electric vehicle
manufacturers and being expect a supply of 200 electric vehicles in the local market.
I think the electric vehicles are not common in Hong Kong and the facilities are not
perfect. In Hong Kong, there are only two areas for charging electricity which are so
far away. And also, the electric vehicles have no air-conditioner. That’s make the
citizens feel uncomfortable in summer and they will not choose of using electric
vehicles. I don’t suggest electric vehicles are promoting in Hong Kong because Hong
Kong is so small but so many cars and there are so many hills. The electric vehicles
cannot have enough power to go up the hills. Government may promoting people
more using MTR or using bicycles. (101)
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