To the Seminarians:

To the Seminarians:
I want to welcome you to the Drew seminar for 2015. With the new test scheduled for May, 2015, and a
revised Audit
due before January, this promises to be an exciting year. To that end, I have completely revised the
curriculum for the
week. In addition to a detailed exploration of the redesigned curriculum and examination, several
exercises have been
added to help teachers master the modified material. We will develop a syllabus, review the audit
process, create new
assignments, prepare unit examinations, and evaluate a new review concept. I will also be distributing
materials to help
you through the next academic year.
I would ask that each of you bring either a flash drive or a lap top computer to class so that we can
exchange of materials.
In addition, please be prepared to work in study groups at different points during the week.
I would also encourage you to review your materials for the time period 1945-2001. The reasons for this
will be explained on
our first day of class.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at my email address ([email protected]).
Tim Cullen