Week 7 Lesson Plans Prep

Prep Lesson Plans: Monday, October 6th- Friday, October 10th
Monday 10/6
Objective: I will be able to analyze author’s purpose by reading a work of non-fiction.
1. Do first: Author’s purpose notes
2. Read “The Lost Boys” on page 592 with Guided Column Notes
3. Comprehension Questions and Vocabulary cues activity
Homework: Finish Author’s Purpose Activity if necessary
Tuesday 10/7
Objective: I will be able to analyze how diction and tone affect an author’s purpose.
1. Do first: Nouns as Adjectives
2. Author’s Purpose: 4 square chart and guided practice page 552-553
3. Author’s Purpose Independent Practice (minor grade)
Homework: Finish vocabulary cue
Wednesday 10/8 and Thursday 10/9
Objective: I will be able to understand how author’s purpose affects my understanding and
comprehension of a piece of fiction.
1. Do first: Parts of Speech
2. Vocabulary Cues due: Cue Flipping Activity (minor grade)
3. Literary Analysis Notes
3. Read “Island Morning” by Jamaica Kinkaid page 560 of the textbook
4. Method and Meaning Activity with excerpts from “Island Morning” (prep for lit analysis)
Friday 10/10
Objective: I will be able to effectively assess my understanding of main idea, summary, and words
used in context.
1. Do first: Parts of Speech
2. Texas Assessment Practice page 536 of the textbook:
“The Golden Kite, the Silver Wind” by Ray Bradbury
Questions #1-13 on scantron
3. Turn in scantron and go over selected questions
Homework: “Lost Boys” Vocabulary Quiz on Monday 10/13