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AP Style!
 Please bring your field journal in the box on Lab
Table #3
 Please get out your Venn Diagram for a stamp.
Compare your diagram with your neighbor and
add missing details.
Exxon Valdez accident
March, 1989
 Pooled oil from the Exxon Valdez sits between rocks on
the shore. Most of the spilled oil decomposed. Cleanup
crews recovered about 14 percent; 13 percent sank to the
sea floor; about two percent remained on the beaches, but
today, very little remains. - NOAA
What were the effects of Macando?
Clean up strategies
 Physical
 Chemical
 Biological (bioremediation)
Oil Spill Hair mat
Double hull required now
 Oil spills account for only about five percent
of the oil entering the oceans. The Coast
Guard estimates that for United States
waters sewage treatment plants discharge
twice as much oil each year as tanker
spills. - Smithsonian Institution
Do oil companies have an
interest in protecting the