December 2015  

Pre K December Newsletter
Thank you for attending the Parent/Teacher conference in November. We enjoyed
meeting with you and sharing your child’s learning successes as well as our learning
goals moving forward. Remember, we are always available if you have any questions
or concerns about your child as a learner. Please continue to read the books in your
child’s backpack each evening. Reading to, and with your child is one of the
greatest gifts you can offer.
Mrs. Walton and Mrs. Kober (301) 353-0939
Important Dates
Learning Focus
All Kinds of Animals
December 24 – January 1
NO SCHOOL Winter Break
We want to thank Officer Marcus
Dixon and Firefighter Kevin Younkins
for taking time to visit with our Pre K
learners. They are both important
people who work in our community.
-It’s all about the letters! Students are
rapidly learning to spell their own name
and their friends’ names too. Moving
forward we will focus on the sound of
each letter.
-We will write and draw to tell what we
have learned about animals.
At home: Using the letter sheet we
gave you at your conference, play
games to help your child match letters
to letter sounds. Ex: “where is the
fish?” f-f-fish begins with letter f!
Students will identify animals, where
they live, how they move, and how they
grow and change.
We will talk about how we are
responsible for taking care of
ourselves, our school, and our
environment. Does your child have
responsibilities at home?
Students will work together to create a
graph. We will read the graphs to
determine which group has the most
and which group has the least. For
example: What is your favorite animal?
Students will pick a favorite animal to
put on the class graph. We will count
the dogs, cats, fish, birds and compare
the groups.
At home: count everything! Play a
counting game with your child. You say
1, the child says 2, you say 3 and
continue until you count to 30.