Assignment 7

Assignment 7
Due: 10/17/05
Refer to Chapter 13.7, 13.8 and Chapter 25:
1) Using AutoCAD make isometric drawings of Sheet 19 Numbers 3,6, 9, 12
2) Using AutoCAD, make isometric drawings of the Stop Plate from Assigment 6.
3) Take one of your brainstorm solutions and transform it into a "wild" version of itself.
The wildest you can imagine. Enhance the shape or add detail so that you have a product
that really stands out and gives you an opportunity to challenge yourself in your final
drawings. Imagine your invention in a science fiction movie, or in a museum of award
winning inventions, etc. Really let loose creatively (don't worry about practical concerns)
and freehand sketch three orthographic views of it. For next week.