Kindergarten Information 2014

Welcome to Kindergarten
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Parent Meeting
August 21, 2014
Meet The Teachers
Mrs. Goldstein
Mrs. Graves
Ms. Tecler
Ms. Oswald
Mr. Harrington
Mrs. Street
Our Road Map to
School Procedures
•Call the office if your child is going to be absent.
• If late, students must go to the office and get a late slip.
•Notes are required for absences, late arrivals, and when your child’s dismissal
routine will be different.
•Yellow information papers will be sent home on the first day of school.
•School hours are from 8:50 a.m.-3:05 p.m.
•Early Dismissal (1/2 Days) 8:50a.m.-12:35 p.m.
•Delayed Openings(inclement weather) Listen to the radio, news on TV (MCPS
Channel is 34 on Comcast), or check on the MCPS Website (
School Procedures, cont.
•Breakfast is FREE to all students and is served everyday in the classrooms.
•Children may buy their lunch from the cafeteria or may bring their lunch from home.
•Please do not send lunch items needing refrigeration or items stored in glass containers.
•Free and Reduced Lunch Applications will be sent home along with the Yellow Information paper on
the first day of school. Each family will complete one form listing all of the children in the family.
•Daily lunch costs $2.55 for full price and $.40 for reduced price. Milk is $.60.
•An account can be set up with the cafeteria manager if you prefer, rather than sending money daily.
School Procedures, cont.
Parents may bring cupcakes or cookies only to school to celebrate
their child’s birthday. Please do not bring in cakes or drinks.
The cupcakes or cookies need to be brought to the office and will
be served at lunch in the all-purpose room.
School Procedures, cont.
Children are requested to bring a backpack to school daily.
Donations of school supplies are requested for your child’s
classrooms and are appreciated. 
Please label your child’s belongings and clothing (lunchboxes, coats,
hats, gloves, boots, etc.)
School Procedures, cont.
Personal Belongings
Please do not let your children bring a toy from home to school.
(unless it is for a special occasion that the teacher will inform you
We are not responsible for stolen or damaged belongings and it
may become a distraction to learning.
Newsletters will be sent home by the classroom teachers
•Updates on classroom events
•Current Studies
•Homework Information
Parent/Teacher Conferences to be held in November
•Progress of students
•Concerns or questions
Monthly Yellow Sheets from the Principal
•Information about upcoming school,
community, and PTA functions
Communication, cont.
Home/School Folders
•Classroom Newsletters
•Community Information
•Notes between home and school
Please contact your child’s teacher with any
questions you may have. Send a note in the
folder or call and leave a message with the main
15 minutes a night is required by
Montgomery County Public Schools
Homework will be in your child’s folder
daily/weekly (depending on your
child’s teacher)
NO Homework will be assigned on
Montgomery County Public Schools follows the Common
Core and also uses Curriculum 2.0.
The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent,
clear understanding of what students are expected to learn,
so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help
MCPS Curriculum 2.0 is built around developing students'
critical and creative thinking skills, as well as essential
academic success skills, so that students are well prepared
for a lifetime of learning.
Word Work
•Guided Reading Groups
•Read Aloud
•Sight vocabulary
•Shared Reading
Writing and Writer’s Workshop
•Shared Writing
•Guided Writing
•Interactive Writing
•Independent Writing
Learning/Literacy Centers
ABC Letters
Puppet Show
Read the
Learning/Literacy Centers
Math/Learning Centers
•Number Sense
•Positional Words
Math & Social Learning Centers
•Math Manipulatives
•Sand Tables
•Housekeeping/Dramatic Play
(Many direct links and integration through the Reading Program!)
Plants and Animals
Social Studies
(Many direct links and integration through the Reading Program!)
Welcome to the
America the
All About Families
KRA (Kindergarten Readiness Assessment)
DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills)
Progress Monitoring and Benchmark Assessment
Parent Conferences are in November
Report Cards are sent twice during the year in
January and June
•E.S.O.L. is a support for students for whom English is a second or other language.
•Students with a first language other than English will be tested/assessed within
the first couple of weeks of school.
•A letter will be sent home to notify parents if their child has tested into E.S.O.L.
and will receive services.
•Students will meet in small groups based on their language proficiency and
needs to help them gain a grasp and understanding of the English language.
Available Resources
Linkages to Learning
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We are looking forward to a
great year!
Thank you for coming!