ODS Non eID Users

Oracle Delivered USERID’s
DBSNMP – oracle delivered. Supports Oracle SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).
The Oracle Intelligent Agent requires a database logon for each SID that it manages. By default this
account is called "DBSNMP" and the password is "DBSNMP". The account name and/or password
SHOULD be changed from the default but you will need to make a few additional modifications. In
the examples below, you will need to replace any information with brackets < > with the information
from your system.
PERFSTAT – oracle delivered. Oracle Statistics Package (STATSPACK) user that supersedes
UTLBSTAT/UTLESTAT. The PERFSTAT user will hold all of the tables and packages for the
performance diagnostic tool STATSPACK.
SYS – oracle delivered. All of the base tables and views for the database's data dictionary are stored in the
schema SYS. These base tables and views are critical for the operation of Oracle. To maintain the integrity
of the data dictionary, tables in the SYS schema are manipulated only by Oracle; they should never be
modified by any user or database administrator, and no one should create any tables in the schema of the
user SYS.
SYSTEM – oracle delivered. The SYSTEM username creates additional tables and views that display
administrative information, and internal tables and views used by Oracle tools. Never create in the
SYSTEM schema tables of interest to individual users.
XDB – oracle delivered. Used to support SQL XML management: XML DB. This user is granted two
roles: "RESOURCE" and "JAVAUSERPRIV". Oracle recommends changing the password for this user
after creation. This user is configured with a default tablespace of "XDB" and a temporary tablespace of
MDSYS – oracle delivered. Supports Oracle Spatial. Oracle Spatial is an integrated set of functions and
procedures that enables spatial data to be stored, accessed, and analyzed quickly and efficiently in an
Oracle8i database.
OUTLN – oracle delivered. Oracle8i adds the OUTLN user schema to support Plan Stability. The OUTLN
user acts as a place to centrally manage metadata associated with stored outlines. This user has DBA role. It
is used for plan stability ie. to keep the same execution plans for the same queries even if your system
configuration or statistics changes. Execution plans will be the same in different Oracle releases with
different optimizers. The DBA should either lock the user account or change the password for the OUTLN
user immediately after database creation!!!
OWBRT_SYS – oracle owb delivered. This user contains the Runtime software and Runtime Platform
Service location on the database. If you are installing into a Real Application Cluster (RAC) environment,
this user contains the Runtime Platform Service location for each instance in the cluster.
OWBREP – oracle owb delivered. OWB repository owner.
OWBUSER – oracle owb delivered. OWB repository user.
WWW_USER – oracle delivered. Userid for web and forms applications.
Banner Delivered USERID’s
IA_ADMIN – banner delivered. Administrative standards schema owner.
ODSMGR – banner delivered. Schema owner of tables, views, and other objects for reporting.
WTAILOR – banner delivered. Schema owner tables and packages for web administrative interface.
ODSLOV – banner delivered. Schema owner of list of values views.
Legacy Data USERID’s
DWADM – legacy data schema owner.
SASGROUPODS1 – SAS userid for reporting center.
ACWPDB – Brandon Hoadley
BLACKBOARD – John Chander
IMAGENOW – Barry Laneau
MEDICINEDEAN – Bhavesh Patel / Meenu Tolani. This userid is locked with a lock date of 3/8/2010.
PINNACLE – Barry Laneau This userid is locked with a lock date of 3/8/2010.
TESTHR – no one knows anything about this userid.
NOTRIX – Marie Scott
VPHSSQLSERVER – Brandon Hoadley.
CSSQLSERVER – Brandon Hoadley.
VCUPROJMGMT – Brandon uses this id to load terrorism_training table. Has insert, delete, and select on
APTRANSFER - Elizabeth Via. Has insert, delete, and select on table VCU_AP_TRANSFER.
CREATESERV – Brandon Hoadley has this userid set up on DSS15 to use that ID to pull data from
the ODS. If you need more specific details about what data they're using you can contact Rob
Downs with creative services.
researchvp - this ID will be Brandon Hoadley to place data from the Research VP's Office into
the ODS.
FESBUS – Brandon Hoadley – used for creating and feeding nightly tables for the FES
application data.
WEBSVC1 - Adam Causey and Jim Yucha in Web Services
EMS - Used to access data for the new Event Management System.
EDI_TOOLS – John Fritz
HREJOBS – Brandon Hoadley
VCUUCME – Used by Gary Halliday to create and maintain tables from the UCme system.
SPACEINVENTORY - Brandon Hoadley and Bryan Brown will be using it to move data from the
space inventory to the ODS.
REALTIME – Brandon Hoadley.
QRADAR_USR – is an account the UCC DBA's created to push info to the ISO's QRADAR system to
cover an AUDIT point. Mainly it reads the dba_audit_trail table for logins and login attempts along with
changes by Oracle sys/system accounts.
PARKINGLOCKBOX – Used by Brandon Hoadley to automate a process for James T Daniels.
EAAR – Used by Enterprise Analytics and Advance Research Department – Provost Office.
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