Soal Pert. 11 & 12:

Soal Pert. 11 & 12:
1. Define communication. Why does it play such a crucial role in business?
2. Who are the typical senders in marketing communications? Who are the typical
3. In your own words, discuss how pay-for-performance programs, or scan downs,
would, if widely implemented, virtually eliminated forward buying and diverting.
4. In discussing open-ended co-op programs, the text stated that this type of
cooperative advertising makes it possible to use advertising for generating sales
rather than relying on sales to generate advertising. Explain precisely what this
5. Assume that you are the marketing Manager for a hospital located in your
hometown or college/university community. Your birthing center is operating far
below capacity, so your objective is to gain visibility for the center and greater
usage. Design a specialty advertising program to accomplish this objective.
6. Assume you are marketing VP for Nike and that you are considering a causerelated marketing effort. What role might CRM perform for your company?
Provide two examples of causes that might be appropriate allies with Nike.