Soal Pert. 25 & 26:

Soal Pert. 25 & 26:
1. IMC also emphasizes utilizing all economically effective contact methods as
potential message delivery channels. Assume you are advertising a product that is
marketed specifically to high school seniors. Identify seven contact methods
(include no more than two forms of mass media advertising) you might use to
reach this audience.
2. Identify a magazine advertisement that reflects a brand-concept management
strategy appealing to consumers’ experiential needs. Offer a specific explanation
as to why you believe this ad appeals to experiential needs.
3. Direct marketing means: An interactive system of marketing which uses one or
more advertising media to effect a measurable response at any location. Your
comment on this statement!
4. Direct marketing includes: (1) direct mail, (2) telemarketing, (3) door-to-door
selling (pyramid, multi-level, network retailing and field sales forces). Direct
response advertising (TV, Radio, cinema, web and press advertisements that
solicit an immediate response, eg, ‘phone now’ or fill in the coupon);
Computerized home
shopping (link home computer with a store so that
one can browse around the aisles, pick up merchandise, inspect it by turning it
around on screen, etc.); Home shopping networks; Miscellaneous (stuffers,
inserts, leaflet drops/house-to-house distribution). Your comment on those items?
5. There is a major section devoted to database marketing. Explain, what is database
6. PAGES is a simple acronym which helps to build a marketing communications
DMU (Decision Making Units) checklist: Describe the acronym according to
decision making units!
7. 9 Word of mouth is the most potent of all the communications tools. Describe the
statement according to your understanding!