Look at Adjective or Adverb: Exercise 2

Look at
Adjective or Adverb: Exercise 2
Choose the correct form of the word to complete the sentence.
1. Terrence plays quarterback as ...good/well...as Brian.
2. The game ..had/hadn't ..hardly begun before it started to rain.
3. This was ... sure/surely ... a mild winter.
4. Jane behaves more ... pleasant/pleasantly ... than Joan.
5. When you are a parent, you will think ..different/differently about children.
6. I felt ..bad/badly ..about not having done ..good/well.. on my final exams.
7. Whether you win is not ..near/nearly..as important as how you play.
8. Asian music often sounds ..odd/oddly ..to Western listeners.
9. Does your car run ..good/well..enough to enter the race?
10. I felt ... safe/safely ... enough to go out at night on my own.
11. You can see the distant mountains ... clear/clearly ... with these binoculars.
12. Our team was ... real/really ... sharp last Saturday afternoon during the game.
13. You must send payments ... regular/regularly.... We deal on a ... strict/strictly ...
cash basis.
14. The mechanic's tools were ... good/well .. . The foreman said that his work was
15. She worked careful/carefully with the sick child. She was a very
..careful/carefully.. worker.
16. He did not pass the course as ... easy/easily ... as he thought he would.
17. I find this novel very ... interesting/interestingly... . It was
...interesting/Interestingly... written.
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