Survey Presentation Grading Sheet

Survey Presentation Grading Sheet
Each criterion is worth five points, for a total of 25 points. Any criterion that I consider passing will
receive a 5, 4 or 3. Any area that is unsatisfactory will receive a 1 or 0.
5 = excellent, exceptional
4 = strong, above average
3 = good, average, acceptable
1 = below average
0 = substandard, not present, not good enough
Content: Score_____
What was the topic?
Was the topic related to the assignment?
Was all the necessary information presented?
Did the presentation follow the guidelines?
Preparation and Teamwork: Score_____
Were materials ready to use when needed?
Did all partners speak an equal amount of time?
Did presenters appear to know the material?
Did they use notes sparingly?
Did they appear to have practiced new words before presenting?
Organization: Score_____
Were the ideas presented in a logical order?
Did the presentation have a clear beginning, middle and end?
Technique: Score_____
Eye contact: Did the student consistently look at the camera?
Physical presence
Did the student maintain good posture?
Did the student appear confident?
Was he or she free of distracting physical movements?
Clarity: Score For Individual Presenter s _____________/ _____________/ _____________
Was he or she easy to hear?
Did the students speak naturally and not sound like he or she was reading?
Did the presenter’s voices go up and down in pitch helping him or her to be understood?
Was the pronunciation easy to understand?
Group Presentation Score_____/20
Individual Clarity Score_____/5
Individual Notes Total Score_____/5
Individual Self Evaluation Score_____/5
Total Presentation Score _____/35