1. Tips for Getting Better Papers

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1. Tips for Getting Better Papers
Remind students that
1. They should critique their paper according to the guidelines
2. Even though students are not to interpret their results in the results
section, students are to let the reader know what the results have to say
about the hypotheses. In other words, readers should not feel like they
have been given the raw output from the computer (albeit retyped and in a
random order). So, just as a box score tells the reader who lost, a results
section should tell the reader whether the hypothesis was supported, not
supported, or refuted.
 To minimize the number of technical errors
3. They will have to write many drafts of their papers.
4. They will benefit from outlining their papers, especially the introduction
and discussion sections.
5. Plagiarism is (a) taking other people's words or ideas without giving credit
for them and (b) a serious offense.