2008 May

Dowden Associates, Inc
(1) What were the major activities of your program component this month?
May 23
Judy--DuBarry's ESl wkshp, handout and report
Options for labs
Jill, Kristin Title III money for Lart 200 lab.. experimental at first, 2 hrs. a week,
modules, vocab., word forms, 1 hr. on module, one hour with RTA and do HW (instructor
could send note to RTA)
Workshops on verbs!!!! (finding them), forced awareness of HW, LDs
Supplementary info. for labs--closed exercises, madlibs
F'08 and W'09--build supplementary materials and make a list of other services that are
Early Alert
More Reflection, meta-cognitive awareness, awareness in general for SS
Dept. Wiki
Meet with 1st Year Experience people
More attention to LDs
Time to come up with lab/wkshp exercises; $ for ESL/Gen. 1.5 expert in the FALL; Trends
We Found From Surveys and Reflective Essays:; One on one is the most effective; The
ability to reflect on skills helps them; Awareness of reading/writing connections; Most
successful got counseling hel; Most successful used other college services; People with
problems passed; Most helpful reading strategies--annotating, vocab., KWL+; Most helpful
writing strategies--PIE paragraph and sentence combining; Instructor comments and essay
rubrics help students know what to focus on
(2) Have you worked with or been in contact with any other areas of the college (Title III or
non-Title III) during the development and/or implementation of your activities this month? If so,
who did you meet with/cooperate with… and on what topic/s.
Meeting with Carolyn on Title 3p. 23 activity objective--prove Ss in LART 100 for S08 have a 10% higher pass or explain
why they don't
Include 1st-year-experience folk (Jesus, Paula, Pauline, Patti, Ulysses, Jean, Jennifer)
Purpose of grant--Ss would come to college, be tested for skill deficiencies, learning style, cultural needs, to see where they
would be best served, retain Ss and move to college-level classes
Develop internal classroom assessment to identify Ss skills (something non-standardized, a diagnostic)
Workshops/discussions about diagnostic instruments
Learning styles; Dialogue on seeing things from a ranges of perspectives
Student Learning Outcomes--LARTS 200, 211, READ 200, 211, EWRT 200, 211, LABS 201, 212
In the 5 years of the grant, how does all this stuff going on in a few classes spread to more teachers and students
New 200 labs, tailored to S need (one hour in lab. and one hour in WRC)
Maybe change 100 labs to be more like the above
Wkshps. for instructors
Supplemental materials in WRC and lab.
Language Arts Division Retention Team
Umoja Retention Group Meeting at State Level
Record Keeping
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Dowden Associates, Inc
Monthly Progress Report, Page 2
(3) Please discuss:
 Any major purchases of equipment or supplies during the reporting period
 Any travel or training activities?
 Feedback on any consultant services used
Potential EWRT 200 and 211 and Read 100 and 211 Texts
(4) Discuss any obstacles or problems you are experiencing in meeting the objectives of your
Activity component. Are there any concerns or issues which you feel need to be addressed in
order to be effective in making progress toward meeting objectives.
Need committed counselor for the program
Uncertain funding and space for the WRC
(5) Anything to report this period related to:
 assessment or evaluation of the effectiveness of your activities?
 progress toward institutionalization of new programs or activities?
Record Keeping
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