2008 April

Dowden Associates, Inc
(1) What were the major activities of your program component this month?
1. April 1 WRC idea: reading groups for extra credit in order to encourage the
amount of pleasure reading Ss do.
 Gen 1.5 workshop in WRC--develop
 Vocab. lab - how to make sure it's vocab. in context? (or a 4unit vocab and
pleasure reading course or fewer units? How to make sure Ss would take it?....)
 Plan discussions w/ int'l S office: problem w/ them recommending S to take
EWRT/LART/Reads inappropriately. Refine entry survey to match exit survey.
 Ask Ss to fill out weekly time/plan in beginning of quarter to determine study time.
 Ask for Andrew Le Manque's help in refining surveys.
 Meeting focus: tabulate & evaluate LART surveys from W08. (On future surveys we
have agreed not to provide examples/prompts w/in the questions.)
Tabulated: # 1, 2, 5 a & b, 8, 10,, for all of above.
Judy will chart and #9 & 11 to be summarized by Ulysses.
2. Attended College Communication and Composition Conference
3. Learning Disabilities Class through UC Extension (2 units)
4. Young Adult Fiction and Reading Health Course (2 Units)
(2) Have you worked with or been in contact with any other areas of the college (Title III or
non-Title III) during the development and/or implementation of your activities this month? If so,
who did you meet with/cooperate with… and on what topic/s.
Met with Student Retention Team
Attended Assessing Grammar of English Learners in Tutorial Sessions (April 15)
Record Keeping
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Dowden Associates, Inc
Monthly Progress Report, Page 2
(3) Please discuss:
 Any major purchases of equipment or supplies during the reporting period
 Any travel or training activities?
 Feedback on any consultant services used
Bought Office supplies and lunch for meetings (no charge to Title III)
(4) Discuss any obstacles or problems you are experiencing in meeting the objectives of your
Activity component. Are there any concerns or issues which you feel need to be addressed in
order to be effective in making progress toward meeting objectives.
Problems with computers and forms
No access to a committed counselor
(5) Anything to report this period related to:
 assessment or evaluation of the effectiveness of your activities?
 progress toward institutionalization of new programs or activities?
Gathered quantitative and qualitative data from surveys
Work on developing LART and WRC labs
Record Keeping
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