Measure C-11-12_Justification_CAL

Request for Measure C New Equipment Funding
For the Three-Year Period 2011-2014
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E)
Please read the Measure C FF& E Spending Guidelines to determine what can be
purchased with these funds.
The request comprises of three parts. All three parts must be completed:
Part 1 – Division Process for Preparing Request for Measure C Funding
Part 2 – Narrative Supporting Request (See questions below.)
Part 3 – Measure C – Budget & Item Detail (See separate Excel Spreadsheet)
Due Date:
Allocation Date:
November 10, 2011
February 2012
Division: DSPS
Department: DSS – Assistive Technology
Request # (as per spreadsheet)
Dean/Manager’s Name: Jim Haynes
1. Please Describe Your Division Process For Preparing Your Request.
Each DSPS program was asked to develop and prioritize a list of needed FF&E.
Assistive Technology falls under the DSS Dept. of DSPS. Plans were presented to the
Coordinators meetings resulting in a prioritized list for the DSPS division.
Please answer all questions. Put N/A if questions don’t apply.
1. Please Describe Your Measure C Project
1.a. Summarize What Is Being Requested
Priority 1: 50 1GB Dell Certified Replacement Memory Module for Dell OptiPlex 755
Series Desktops, 1 Dell M410HD Projector, 1 Lab Trac Software, 1 Apple iMac 21.5
inch desktop
Priority 3: 20 Koss SB-45 Communication Stereophones, 1 Dell M410HD Projector
Priority 1: 23 Dell OptiPlex 790 Minitower+ monitor, 1 Apple iMac 21.5 inch desktop, 4
Plustek Opticbook 3800 scanner
1.b. How Will The Equipment Be Used?
Priority 1: Memory upgrade for computers to properly function with updated operating
system and assistive technology used by students with disabilities will use equipment to
complete their regular curriculum. Tutor Trac software and iMac it will run on will meet
audit requirements to track positive attendance courses.
Priority 2:
Headphones and projector will replace nonfunctioning hardware used for instruction of
students with disabilities primarily in the Computer Access Lab.
Priority 1: Replacement of 5 year old computers used in Computer Access Lab for
instruction and use of assistive technology by students with disabilities.
1.c. Can The Equipment Be Shared With More Than One Discipline?
Students from all disciplines will use the equipment.
1.d. What Is The Anticipated Annual Cost Of Maintenance?
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Tutor Trac software is only possible maintenance cost which is unknown at this time
because software for tracking students’ lab hours has not been purchased and annual
fees have not been established.
1.e. Where Will It Be Located? Is There Sufficient Space?
The Computer Access Lab in AT 203 and 3 locations in the library. Existing space is
2. What Programs And Disciplines Will The Project Support?
2.a. List The Programs/Disciplines That The Equipment Will Support
Assistive technology supports students of all disciplines served through DSP&S
Lab Trac software will meet audit requirements for positive attendance courses in the
Computer Access Lab.
2.b. How Will The Equipment Improve Student Learning Or Student Services?
Students will have access to current assistive computer technology and their curriculum
which they would not otherwise have.
2.c. What Data Or Evidence Supports Your Request?
If current assistive technology is not available, students will not have access to
computers and their curriculum materials such as texts or computer information.
The recent audit of positive attendance courses requires better student tracking of lab
hours. Tutor Trac will meet this need.
3. Will The Project Support Student Learning Outcomes Or Other
3.a.i Student Learning Outcomes?
Providing current technology allows students to meet the course outcomes of learning
to evaluate and employ appropriate assistive technology to meet the needs of their
individual curriculum.
3.a.ii. Administrative Unit Outcomes?
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3.a.iii. Student Services Outcomes?
3.a.iv. Program Level Outcomes?
3.b. How Will Outcomes Be Measured For Future Planning?
3.c. What Evidence Supports Your Requests?
Currency of assistive computer technology hardware & software must be maintained for
continued functionality or students with disabilities will not have access to computers
and curriculum.
Audit results found a need for better student tracking of positive attendance students.
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