Template letter to student charged with violating academic standards policy

Letter to Student Charged with Violating the “Academic Standards” Policy
(To be either hand-delivered or sent certified mail to the student’s address within 15 days of submittal
or the assignment or taking of the test/exam.)
Name: __________________
Address: __________________
Dear (Student’s Name)__________________:
This letter is to notify you that I am formally charging you with violating the University’s “Academic Standards” policy
for academic dishonesty. I have found that you ______________________________________________ (describe the
cheating, plagiarizing, or academic fraud) in your assignment submitted to me on ___________(date) for the following
course: _________________ (name and number of course).
(If Plagiarism – Describe the evidence you found in the submitted assignment.)
In my review and grading of your (report/paper/test) _______________, I found
___________________________________________ In a search of the text of your paper, I found that
you took the information verbatim from the following Internet sites/ publication:
(If Cheating or Fraud – Describe the evidence you found in the submitted work.)
In my review and grading of your test/work as completed on __________________________, I found
____________________________________ (describe what you found, and why you believe it was
cheating or academic fraud).
You are charged in accordance with the University of Nevada’s policy on Academic Standards, which states: “Academic
dishonesty is against the university as well as the system community standards. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not
limited to, the following: …Plagiarism, (and/or) Cheating.” [See the Policy and Guidelines section immediately
following the “Student Code of Conduct” on the Office of Student Conduct website [www.unr.edu/stsv/student-conduct –
and select the “button” entitled “Academic Standards” policy.]
Based upon my findings, I am proposing the following academic action: (select 1 of 4 options)
1) I am filing a final grade of “F” for the course.
2) I am awarding a final grade that is reduced by one to two full grade points.
3) I am awarding a failing mark on the test or paper in question.
4) I am requiring you to retake the test (or) resubmit the paper.
If you agree with this charge and proposed academic action, then you need do nothing. I suggest you notify me of your
agreement, so that this matter will be officially resolved. If you disagree with the charge or the proposed academic action,
then you should pursue an appeal. If you wish to appeal, you have ten calendar days to file an appeal upon receipt of this
letter. You would submit a written appeal of this action to the Chair of the department that sponsors this course.
Instructor’s name
C: ____________________(Name of), Department Chair, Department of ______________
____________________. Assistant Dean, Student Conduct