Coordinator, Academic Enrichment

Item 3.D-October 11, 2013
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Incumbent(s) Name (if applicable): Ranna Nash
Position #(s): 17964
Current Title: Learning Specialist (MDSA)
Current Range:
Department: Medical School Student Affairs (MDSA)
College/Division: Vice President, Health
– Reno
Sciences / Dean, UNSOM
Account #(s): 1201-119-2409
Action Proposed: (check all that apply)
( ) New position: Proposed Range:
Proposed Title:
(X) Title Change, Proposed Title: Coordinator, Academic Enrichment (MDSA-Reno)
(X) Proposed Reassignment from Range 2
to Range
( ) Revised PDQ only (no change in range or title)
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Immediate Supervisor’s Signature Peggy Dupey, Assoc Dn, Med Schl Stdnt Affrs
Melissa Piasecki, Sr. AD, Acad Affrs /Thomas Schwenk, VP, HS/ Dean, UNSOM
Approved for Salary Placement Committee review.
Pres / Vice Pres / Vice Prov Signature Stacy Burton, Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs Date
Action Approved by the Provost/President (Completed by Faculty HR):
67455 Range:
Pos #(s): 17964
Eff: 10/1/2013
Approved Title: Coordinator, Academic Enrichment (MDSA-Reno)
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Rev: 10/1/2012
Position Description – Coordinator, Academic Enrichment (MDSA)
Page 2
1. Summary Statement: State the major function(s) of the position and its role in the
university. Attach an organizational chart with positions, ranges, and names for the division
which reflects the position in it as well as those supervised in the department. (This section is
used for advertisement of the position.)
The Coordinator, Academic Enrichment, in the office of Medical School Student Affairs (MDSA) in
Reno, oversees, designs, and implements academic support services and enrichment programs for
students enrolled in University of Nevada School of Medicine (UNSOM) degree and certificate
programs. The position collaborates with Office of Medical Education (OME) staff and the Director,
Student and Educational Affairs in MDSA, to assess medical student and undergraduate student
needs for academic support services. In addition, the incumbent provides assessments for the
purpose of academic promotion and remediation program design decisions for students in all medical
school programs and oversees learning support on Reno and Las Vegas Campuses of UNSOM. The
position coordinates academic support information, ensures alignment with curriculum and
accreditation standards, tracks student outcomes, and identifies the needs for academic interventions.
The position reports to the Associate Dean, Medical School Student Affairs.
2. List the major responsibilities, including percentage of time devoted to each. Provide
enough detail to enable a person outside the department to understand the job (percentage
first with heading and then bulleted information).
65%- Medical Student Academic Resource Coordination
 Direct and manage UNSOM’s academic learning center
 Hire, supervise, and train Supplemental Instructor Student Facilitators (SISF)
 Coordinate and oversee the development of Bridge Program for incoming medical students
 Oversee needs assessment and design of individualized academic assistance and enrichment
programs for medical students, including providing individual tutoring sessions, test taking
strategies, course content instruction, and other identified student academic needs
 Collaborate with UNSOM’s “wellness” program with academic support for medical students
 Ex-officio Team Based Learning committee and the Medical Education Steering Committee
Years 1 and 2 – M.D. Degree
 Advise, assess, monitor course enrollment, and track progress and promotion for students in
the two-semester program
 Coordinate Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions for 1st and 2nd year MD Degree
 Coordinate formation of Formal Remediation Plan for medical students in Years 1 and 2
 Coordinate Step 1 preparatory activities for the second year medical students
 Coordinate academic support services for the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE)
Step 1 Preparation
 Coordinate Formal Remediation Plan for students who do not pass USMLE Step 1
 Ex-officio member Years 1 and 2 Committee
Years 3 and 4 - M.D. Degree
 Oversee Supplemental Instruction for students in Year 3, on the Reno and Las Vegas Campus
 Ex-officio Year 3 & 4 committee
30%- UNSOM Undergraduate Program Support Services
 Coordinate and implement an Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) preparation program
for UNSOM Baccalaureate-Medical Degree (BS/MD) Accelerated Degree and Post
Baccalaureate Programs in Reno and Las Vegas
 Hire and train of MCAT facilitators for MCAT preparation program
Position Description – Coordinator, Academic Enrichment (MDSA)
Page 3
Ex-officio member of Academic Review and Promotion committee for BS/MD and Post
Baccalaureate students
Develop and administer instructional materials/resources needed for all enrichment/support
services to support UNSOM undergraduate programs
Coordinate MCAT Strategy sessions for School of Medicine outreach programs, such as
Nevadans into Medicine and Pre Medical Student Annual Conference
Participation in outreach programs and camps (judging and teaching)
5% - Personnel and Budget Management
 Supervise student employee payroll and manage student tutoring budget for medical student
SI program and for undergraduate programs
3. Describe the level of freedom to take action and make decisions with or without
supervision and how the results of the work performed impact the department, division and/or
the university as a whole.
Level of Freedom:
The Coordinator has the freedom to implement programs that meet the goals and alignwith UNSOM
academic support service and enrichment program goals. Which complement medical education
curriculum and accreditation standards. The position interacts extensively with UNSOM
undergraduate and graduate students and The position has leeway in developing assessments for
academic promotion and remediation program design decisions for students and oversees learning
support in Reno and Las Vegas. The position tracks student outcomes and identifies the need for
academic intervention. The incumbent completes job responsibilities with moderately limited
supervision. Long-range strategic planning and overall program decisions are made in consultation
with the Associate Dean, MDSA.
Academic enrichment and support services are critical to the successful education and matriculation
of medical students and BS/MD students and to the success of the post-baccalaureate program. It is
important that UNSOM programs assist all students in achieving success in medicine and other health
professions. The individual is expected to provide leadership in the performance of the responsibilities
of the position in order to insure the success and credibility of UNSOM’s MDSA office and maintain
the excellent reputation of the University. Decisions and judgments made by the incumbent directly
impact the success of these programs which are critical to the overall mission and to the diversity
goals of UNSOM.
4. Describe the knowledge, skills (to include cognitive requirement and verbal and written
communication), and abilities (to include task complexity, problem solving, creativity and
innovation) essential to successful performance of this job (in bullet format).
Knowledge of:
 Medical school curriculum and faculty priorities
 A wide range of scientific disciplines, specifically those found on the MCAT and biological and
physical sciences
 The medical education process, including clinical medicine
 Test taking strategies and skills
 Development of enrichment workshops, advising sessions, and other activities that will assist
in improving student performance
 Effective tutoring training and supervision
 Student assessment, program evaluation, and student retention strategies
Position Description – Coordinator, Academic Enrichment (MDSA)
Page 4
Data management and the tracking and analysis of student outcomes data
Accreditation standards
Medical School, higher education, and State policies, codes and guidelines
State and Federal laws and regulations relating to position, i.e., Americans With Disabilities
Act as Amended (ADAA), Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Budget management
Academic community and medical environment
 Interpersonal and human relations skills
 Strong verbal and written communication
 Proficiency in use of a personal computer and current software applications including but not
limited to Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and email) to include webbased and other computer technologies for communication and instruction
 Organizational and multi-tasking skills
 Instructional skills
 Curricular design skills
 Program development and assessment skills
Ability to:
 Structure enrichment workshops, advising sessions and other activities
 Communicate and collaborate effectively with members of the campus, including students,
staff and faculty
 Demonstrate initiative to solve problems which effect program effectiveness and student
access to resources
 Recommend remediation strategies for medical students at advanced levels of study
 Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information
 Work with diverse populations and be sensitive to gender, disabilities, and cultural and ethnic
diversity issues
 Work with students with learning disabilities and collaborate with appropriate resources offered
 Understand and interpret formalized policies, guidelines, rules, and regulations
5. Describe the type of personal contacts encountered in performing the duties of the job.
Explain the nature and purpose of these contacts: i.e., to provide services, to resolve
problems, to negotiate.
BS/MD students and Medical
Post-baccalaureate students
Colleagues and supervisors in
the Office of Admissions and
Student Affairs, and the OME of
Basic science faculty members
Faculty members on main
Academic support services on
main campus
Reason for Contact
To provide academic support and advising and to supervise
tutoring and other support services provided by current students
To provide academic support and advising
To function as administrative coordinator of academic support
services, communicating regularly with the Associate Deans for
Student Affairs and Medical Education, and with the Educational
Outreach Coordinator
To collaborate with basic science course instructors to provide the
most effective and efficient academic support services for students
To consult with faculty members regarding courses in which
medical students and prospective medical students are enrolled
To consult with student support professionals on main campus to
augment services offered within the medical school
Position Description – Coordinator, Academic Enrichment (MDSA)
NSHE Institutions
MCAT Division of the
Association of American Medical
Colleges (AAMC)
National Board of Medical
Examiners (NBME)
Outreach student groups
Page 5
Reason for Contact
To consult with faculty and staff in launch of BS/MD accelerated
program with the School of Medicine and the University of
Nevada, Las Vegas ; to provide pre-medical advising and Med
School application
To consult with officials regarding format and administration of the
To consult with officials regarding the format and administration of
USMLE; passage of the exams is required for graduation from
medical school and the person in this position will be responsible
for working with students on exam preparation
To provide information at school of med events
6. Indicate the minimum qualifications which are necessary in filling this position should it
become vacant. Please keep in mind the duties/responsibilities of the position rather than the
qualifications of the incumbent.
Minimum educational level, including appropriate field, if any.
Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution.
Minimum type and amount of work experience, in addition to the above required
education necessary for a person entering this position.
Bachelor’s Degree and four years of experience in academic support services in higher
Preferred Licenses or Certifications: Adult with Learning Disabilities Certificate
Indicate any license or certificate required for this position.