4. Tugas – essay : Review Materi Final Semester

Tugas – essay : Review Materi Final Semester
4. __________________________ can be caused by poorly validated or communicated
requirements, misinterpreted requirements, incorrectly implemented requirements or
designs, and simple misuse of programs.
5. 1) Make predictable changes to existing programs to correct errors made in systems design
or implementation; 2) Preserve aspects of programs that were correct and avoid fixes that
might affect programs; 3) Avoid system performance degradation; 4) Complete the task in
a timely manner without compromising quality or reliability. These are the fundamental
objectives of __________________________.
6. During the _________________ activity, an analyst might 1) routinely observe the use of
the system; 2) conduct user satisfaction surveys or meetings; 3) change procedures for
clarification; 4) provide additional training; and 5) log enhancement ideas and requests.
8. The completion of a successful system test triggers the ___________________ task or
activity in the implementation phase. The project manager facilitates this activity.
9. This task or activity is completed by the systems analyst and involves system owners and
users. The principal deliverables are training and documentation.
10. The principle deliverable of this task or activity is the operational system itself. The key
input is the conversion plan that was completed in an earlier task.
11. Apa yang anda ketahui dari System operations and Support.