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Transmission Capital
Project Updates
Transmission Expansion Plan
• Sigurd to Red Butte 345 kV
line in-service May, 2015
• Permitting activities
continue on key segments
including Gateway West,
Gateway South, Oquirrh –
Terminal, and Boardman to
Main Grid System Reinforcement
• On-going reinforcement projects in all states.
Projects include:
– NERC TPL improvements (N-1, N-1-1)
Reconductoring for higher capacity
New substations
Substation transformer capacity increases
New circuit breakers and bus configurations
• Reliability / Voltage improvements
– Capacitor banks
– Reactors
– Synchronous condenser
Main Grid System Reinforcement
Projects Cont.
• Key On-going or Upcoming Projects Include:
Goshen Area Load Tripping RAS (ID)
Goshen-Jefferson-State Line 161 kV Reconductor (ID)
Casper Sub Install 230-115 kV 250 MVA Transformer (WY)
Standpipe Substation New 230 kV Sub (WY)
Ben Lomond to Parrish 138 kV Line (UT)
Union Gap – Add 230-115 kV Capacity (WA)
Vantage – Pomona Heights 230 kV line (WA)
Sams Valley 500-230 kV New Sub (OR)
Snow Goose 500-230 kV New Sub (OR)
Generation Interconnection &
Customer Driven Projects
• PacifiCorp is obligated to interconnect generation customers
• The transmission facility additions for interconnections shall
maintain or improve the level of system reliability
• Qualifying Facility generation interconnection requests
continue to be a significant number of the requests moving
• Network Customer Projects are being constructed to meet
actual and studied/forecasted load requirements
Generation Interconnection &
Customer Driven Projects Cont.
• Key On-going or Upcoming Projects Include:
– Pavant-Flowell-Fillmore 138 kV Rebuild (UT)
– Hurricane West (Purgatory Flat substation) New Delivery
Point (UT)
– St. George Sub Install 345-138 kV Transformer (UT)
– Wallula to McNary 230 kV Line (WA/OR)
Local Transmission Reinforcement
• Local Transmission and Substation system reinforcement
projects are on-going in all states
– Projects are identified in the Five Year Area Planning studies
– Actual loading levels + forecasted load determines timing of the
– Projects include:
• Substation transformer capacity additions
• New substations and load transfers
• Transmission line reinforcements to increase capacity
• Voltage conversions