Robert W. Strayer
Ways of the World:
A Brief Global History
First Edition
Religion and Science
Copyright © 2009 by Bedford/St. Martin’s
The Globalization of Christianity
• Western Christendom Fragmented: The Protestant
• Christianity Outward Bound
• Conversion and Adaptation in Spanish America
• An Asian Comparison: China and the Jesuits
Persistence and Change in Afro-Asian
Cultural Traditions
• Expansion and Renewal in the Islamic World
• China: New Directions in an Old Tradition
• India: Bridging the Hindu/Muslim Divide
A New Way of Thinking:
The Birth of Modern Science
The Question of Origins: Why Europe?
Science as Cultural Revolution
Science and Enlightenment
Looking Ahead: Science in the Nineteenth Century
European Science beyond the West
Chapter 16
Religion and Science, 1450–1750
Map 16.1 Reformation Europe in the Sixteenth Century (p. 466)
Spot Map 16.1 The Expansion of Wahhabi Islam (p. 474)
The Virgin of Guadalupe (p. 460)
The Protestant Reformation (p. 463)
Japanese Christian Martyrs (p. 468)
Jesuits in China (p. 471)
Guru Nanak (p. 476)
Muslim Astronomy and the Scientific Revolution (p. 479)
Uncovering the Human Skeleton (p. 483)