Ms. Garcia's Theatre 1-4 Syllabus

Theatre 1 - 4 Syllabus
Teacher: Nina L. Garcia
Classroom: M130
Contact Information: E-mail: Planning Period: 2nd (9:40 a - 10:35 a)
Teacher Page:
Welcome to Theatre: where we embrace individual passions on and off the stage. Get ready to
explore your own values and characteristics, as well as the voices and characters of playwrights from all
over the world. We will be introducing numerous aspects of Theatre, including increasing knowledge,
performance/production skills, and confidence on and off-stage.
Required Materials: Writing utensils and a notebook with paper (may be any kind so long as there’s
paper to write on!) Have a Team-Building attitude in your back pocket – this course is built on ensemble
work and serious as well as comedic discussion regarding humanity will ensue.
Classroom Description: The Theatre 1 and Theatre 1-4 courses are aligned with the Texas State
Board of Education TEKS standards and require reading, writing, rehearsal and performance. These
classes introduce and expound upon numerous facets of theatre including but not limited to –
 Creative expression through various mediums, especially live performance
 Exercises increasing focus as well as emotional and sensory recall
 Exploration of the self and human relationships through verbal and non-verbal expression
 Stage movement techniques
 Improvisation
 Monologue and scene work
 Various elements of stage management and production
 Technical and stagecraft skills such as scenery, lighting, sound, marketing, etc.
Grading Requirements: Students may be graded on preparation, rehearsal, memorization,
performance, technical theatre work, improvisation, audience behavior, quizzes, tests, writing
assignments, notes, projects, play critiques, attendance, materials and participation.
PLEASE NOTE: Attendance at the main fall and spring productions is required - audience
participation/performance and critiques are major grades.
Late Work and Absences: Must be approved ahead of time unless excused. Make-up work will be
discussed via conference and accepted for grading on a case by case basis.
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