The Beginnings of Imperialism

The Beginnings of Imperialism: Motives For Colonization
Part I:
After reading the selection on David Livingstone, we identified 3 primary
goals that motivated Europeans to colonize the continent. Working with a
1. Offer at least one explanation on why it was necessary to bring these things
to the continent.
2. In addition, can you provide one example of what it means to “Christianize”
and “Civilize” a population.
a. Commerce-
b. Christianity-
c. Civilization-
Part II Three Principles / Philosophies of Economic Growth
Laissez-Faire Economics:
The government’s proper role in the economy is to………….
Social Darwinism:
Applied Darwin’s concept of “natural selection.” The idea that…………
Gospel of Wealth:
Religious rationale rested with the idea that…………..
Part III:
“King Leopold’s Ghost” (By Adam Hochschild)
After reading the introduction that introduces Edmund Morel, an employee of the
Liverpool shipping line, respond to the following:
I can conclude that the thing that Edmund Morel finds so unsettling at the docks in
Antwerp is…………..