Hello all,

Clement, Shawn M
Thoresen, Michael H; Hall, Eric Dale; Mayan18@yahoo.com
Hello all,
I would like everyone to be aware of a conversation that I had with Mr. Johnson on
Wednesday. He puts value on the project management portion of the assignment as well
as the project itself. The creation of documentation is one aspect, but everyone using the
paperwork is worth points as well. All you need to do is jot something down in your Enotebook about updating project paperwork or something like that, or jotting down
meeting notes, and or accomplishments and progress. For example, I have not yet written
up what we accomplished on Wednesday if someone would like to grab that.
Also, if someone has something they would like to try or add please feel free to edit the
paperwork as you see fit, and go forward with new ideas. Anyone can run a sub project of
some sort, I’ll play along, points are points. Some ideas off the top of my head are, a
parachute recovery system, paintball system (vertical or horizontal), rocket launch system
(the roof can be built to open just like the bottom for vertical or horizontal launches),
arrester hook system, and or glider pull and release system.