The Center for Remote Sensing Seminar

The Center for Remote Sensing Seminar
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Potential and Challenges
Dr. Amr Abd-Elrahman
Assistant Professor
Geomatics, Forest Resources & Conservation
University of Florida
Hyperspectral (HS) imaging systems measure the spectral response at each pixel in a
series of narrow and adjacent wavelength bands. This continuous representation of the
spectrum facilitates unique natural resource management and agricultural
applications such as estimating water quality parameters, assessing plant stress, and
species-level plant classification. However, analyzing HS imagery is challenging due to
the clean spectra needed for these applications and due to the massive and redundant
nature of the data. This presentation demonstrates HS system implementation
techniques and some of the methods used to overcome image calibration and analysis
Frazier Rogers Hall
Room 122
Tuesday, November 29, 2011
3:00 - 4:00 pm