eXfactor – You Said We Did

eXfactor – You Said We Did
See how we responded to last year’s feedback about eXfactor below:
You said
We did
The chance to meet and learn from people who might be
Employers and alumni, relevant to graduate level
employing You in the future
recruitment, who will be presenting and engaging in Q&As
at most of our eXfactor sessions in 2014/15
A change of structure to keep the momentum of the
We revised the activities and programme producing a jam-
packed one day event
A clearer purpose to activities
Activities based on those at assessment centres, real world
advice about what to do to gain your graduate job, and
what to expect from employers
Information to be subject specific
We are working with your College to ensure that speakers
are from sectors relevant to your discipline and we will
continue to signpost to where you can receive the best
information for careers related to your degree
Reduced waiting time when purchasing lunch
We negotiated an additional venue in Devonshire House
for you to purchase food
Fewer student presentations
The number of presentations by students has been
Fewer PowerPoints used by facilitators
The number of PowerPoint slides has been reduced
That you still didn’t feel confident career
We have added an action planning section to the end
of the day for you to plan your next steps