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A Summary of Third Grade Happenings
Reading/Language Arts
During our exploration of nonfiction text, we have
been focusing on understanding how writers
organize their texts to communicate ideas. Knowing
the text structure of a nonfiction text can help us to
identify important information in the text and enhance
our understanding. The third graders were
introduced to two of the five most common nonfiction
text structures: description and chronological. Next,
we will be exploring the other three text structures:
compare/contrast, problem/solution, and
The third graders chose a piece of writing from their
writer’s notebooks that they want to publish. They
learned that writers choose stories to which they feel
very connected. Writers put careful thought into
choosing exactly the ideas that they will write about so
their readers will be excited about their ideas. When
choosing our piece we asked ourselves: Do I feel
strongly about my topic? Is this idea something that
would interest readers? Do I have more to say about
this topic? Now, that the third graders have selected
their topic, we are moving on to the collecting stage of
the writing process. During this stage, they are
recalling and gathering more information about their
topic. They are working on gathering examples of
sensory details to help readers connect with and
envision their piece of writing.
Social Studies
The third graders had a great time creating their
own treasure island. They designed an island and
then created a map for their island. The map
included a compass rose, a map key, and scale.
Next, they “buried” their treasure on the island.
Then, they wrote directions, using cardinal and
intermediate directions, to their hidden treasure.
Finally, they wrote a story about what’s in their
hidden chest, why they had to hide it and to whom
are they hiding it from. We are concluding our
activity with the third graders trading their maps
with each other and seeing if they can find each
other’s buried treasure.
This week, we began working on math concepts related
to time. During our first activities, we were working on
reading and writing times to the nearest minute shown on
both analog and digital clocks. We also began working on
reading and writing times before and past the hour.
Quick Tidbits
Information was sent home regarding the Six Flag Read
to Succeed program. Please let me know if you have
any questions. This is an optional program. You can
record these same minutes for Homerun Reading!
These forms are due February 24th!
Monday, November 23rd: Early Release
Parent Conferences
Wednesday, November 25-Friday, November 27th:
Thanksgiving Break!
Tuesday, December 1st: Homerun Reading Logs
Thursday, December 3 : Holiday Lights